Thursday, July 15, 2010

Okay, okay! Shush, already!

I honestly didn't expect that much of a response. "No one's reading this blog, so they'll probably remain silent, and that'll be my confirmation. I'll cap off the blog, and that'll be that." Mind you, Becky expressed a desire for me to keep blogging. And while I would do a great deal for her, maintaining a blog that's practically a verbal experience for her would have been a fruitless exercise.

But you guys just can't leave it alone, can you? You gotta be all "we love you, Rob, and we'd miss you." Don't you have significant others or something to love? Go cuddle with your cats and leave me be!

Okay...don't leave me be. I actually love you guys right back. (Darn me and my humanity!) In fact, just as I would on the Depression Thread on GitP, here are individual responses. And just because a response isn't addressed to you doesn't mean you shouldn't read it. There may be something of value in someone else's segment.

LouLou: "Words are more difficult than money," eh? Fine. Send money. =P

I guess what struck me hardest was the fact that I mentioned my birthday in TWO posts, and no one handed off a birthday wish. And so I thought, No one is reading this thing. I'm writing for Becky, and that's it. If I'm simply writing for my soon-to-be-fiance, then I should abandon this thing.

One has to wonder how I, of all people, left you behind. To put it as a clearer question: how does a guy who sits around all day doing nothing leave ANYONE behind? You're still doing things with your life. Me? I'm desperately hanging on to a long distance relationship in the hopes of keeping the most wonderful woman on the planet at my virtual side, and that's about it. Unless you could fighting for improved health as "doing something," to which I would argue that that still involves a lot of sitting around while I slowly heal.

Thanks for busting my chops, Lou. Oh, and Becky appreciates you slapping me in the head. She'd like to do it herself, but would feel bad. ;-)

Mikkel: Ummm...Who are you, and how did you get this number? =P

It's kind of interesting to discover a mystery follower. What's more, you're a mystery follower who got his girlfriend reading my blog as well. It almost sounds like you two have found a new soap opera to follow: "As the Rob Turns."

It's nice to know that the two of you are cheering me on. What I'd like is to actually read some of the cheering as it happens. I asked that people at least vote on my ramblings, and that happened for a couple of posts, and then there was nothing. So when I see neither comments or votes, my thought is that people aren't all that interested. Now that I know someone is rooting for me when good things happen, and DEMANDS I make good things happen...Well, the awareness that I have a cheering section means a lot to me.

Walking Target: What, pray tell, do I have in common with Neil Gaiman? And keep in mind that I'd happily accept "excellent writing style" as a perfectly viable answer. =P

The idea of you reading each post thoroughly makes be think two things. The first: Where was YOUR birthday wish? The second: Dear G-d, he's probably made notes on every typo that I've ever made! Of course, I eventually excuse the latter. These posts, after all, are all first drafts. I don't edit these anymore, so mistakes are expected.

I'm not sure if Gaiman appreciates his readers as much as I do, but I thank you for being such an avid reader.

Zeb: I...

That is...

What I mean to say is...

Yeah, that about sums up my response to your comment. It's people like you that almost make me wish that the people following my blog were morons. Had you written, "You can't stop blogging just can't," it would have been easier to give it up. Instead, I receive a lucid and touching response like yours, and my heart caves in.

My best to the Pudding Goddess and your adorable Pudding Troll. =)

Valiant Turtle: Facebook? Really? While I didn't watch the episode, I could hear my housemates watching "South Park" in the living room, in which Stan is sucked into Facebook. Do you want me sucked into Facebook, VT? Is that your goal? It was hard enough for Stan, who's a cartoon, to get out. How well do you think a live, handicapped guy will fair, eh? =P

In all honesty, I've had only one motivator to join Facebook, and that's the fact that reaching my little Lizzy would be that much easier. Beyond that, I can't think of much else, although you've given me more to contemplate.

* * *

In other news, I woke to the sound of my ringing phone. As I desperately tried to figure out how to answer the danged thing, I thought that whoever it was had better be dying to wake me so early in the day. I felt completely unrested, and wanted nothing more than to sleep a few more days. HOURS! I meant "hours."

It was my pain doc's office. I'd called yesterday to make suggestions of the prescriptions that should be written for me, as the last attempt became a fiasco involving my medical insurance. The doc agreed to all of my suggestions, and I could swing by to pick up those prescriptions when I was ready.

So while I have an internal debate about trying to get off these meds, we're switching me over to 60 mg. morphine sulfate and an unknown dose of oxycodone. Here's hoping the insurance company doesn't cause me more woes over this nonsense.

As I hung up the phone, I was going to go back to sleep. I was mentally cursing the existence of anyone who'd dare to make early morning phone calls...and then realized that it was 1:14 PM.

I'm off to work on looking human, or at least fake the process. Be well, all.


WalkingTarget said...

Well, I read Gaiman's because he's my favorite (living, maybe overall) author and I find what he has to say interesting. Yours is more of a personal interest thing since we've had a bit of contact, even if only over the 'net. I do like the way you phrase things, clever wordplay and dark humor goes a long way. Don't worry, I definitely don't have a multiple-page Word file saved explaining all of your typos cross referenced with an index of what sort of error they are. ¬.¬

As for the birthday thing, I tend to not do birthdays. I dislike being the center of attention and birthdays tend to draw attention. I guess this spills over into not sending messages consisting of solely "happy birthday" or similar. If I don't have something else to contribute, I tend to just remain quiet.

I would like to say that Zeb pretty much nailed a lot of thoughts I had but had trouble articulating as to why I don't offer much in the way of "helpful" advice or commentary on the stuff you've had to deal with. My family isn't dysfunctional in the least and I've never broken a bone or had to receive a single stitch and the closest relative I've had die in my lifetime is a great-grandmother when I was 11. I'm not qualified to offer anything more than condolences as far as coping with anything you've had to deal with since I've been reading.

I'll try to stop being such a wallflower and post responses that I type up instead of deleting them.

Be well, Rob.


Loulou said...

How did you leave me behind... ehhhh. I'm experiencing mental stagnation, I think - not much further than I was last time I ranted, but still plodding along stoically.

Also - fine! I bought you a beer. Check your PP. Happy (belated) birthday!

Zeb The Troll said...

Just another little comment here...

I wasn't aware that you wanted people to at least vote on all of your future postings. I was under the (mistaken) impression that you only wanted voting input on that one entry to see if anyone was reading it. I will endeavor, in the future, to at least let you know that I've read it.

RE: Facebook and South Park - in fairness, they did an episode where they got bogged down in WoW too. It IS possible to get overloaded and caught up in Facebook if you let it. You can send out dozens of friend requests to every person you think you might have heard of before and accept all requests that come your way, regardless of where it came from. OR you can send out only requests to people you actually want to be in touch with (note that this still may be dozens of people, but it need not be) and only accept requests from those who at least identify themselves to you as someone you wouldn't mind reading your status updates.

Note that status updates on Facebook are not, and are not intended to be, a replacement for blog entries like yours. They are quick snippets of the "right now" in your life. Okay, maybe that's just how I use them (but then I haven't posted to my own blog in nearly a year, so maybe I'm not the best comparison either).

It's kind of like the difference between CNN and Headline News. One gives you a quicky little "this is going on" and the other gives you in depth coverage. Also, Facebook statuses tend to be both more "real time" and also more fleeting.

I even know one person who uses Facebook primarily to let her followers know that she's made a new blog entry.

Hmmm, this turned in to a much longer response than I'd anticipated.

Mystery Follower #1 & his girlfriend said...

I used to be decently active on giantitp, and I mostly know you from the depression thread, of which I was a frequent follower back in the days, even though I didn't post too much. When you mention it, we really should have commented that we were rooting for you, but, well, at least it didn't really cross my mind that I should post a comment, that's how much of a wallflower I am :P

Well, at least we were, and now you know, and we'll try to be more active with our feedback to "As the Rob turns" (which by the way made both of us laugh out loud (Yeah, we actually "lolled" at you :P)). Thats, as some of the others commenters have commented, is part of what I like about reading your blog; you have this humorous way of writing that makes it, if not fun, than at least not too dark and grim to read your blog even though you write about pretty bad stuff at times. And you're way better than your average soap opera! If there actually existed that good soap operas, we'd actually watch TV at times! =P

Big cheers from the mystery couple from Norway!