Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wait, WHO called?!?

Two posts in one day. Aren't you the lucky ones? =P

So I finished my post, then went about grooming myself. I clipped my hair extra, extra short, as it makes grooming while laid up that much easier. I shaved. I showered. I headed for my room to call the pharmacy...and couldn't find my phone.

This is not normal. I am constantly grabbing my phone to check the time, as there's usually an MMO on the screen that doesn't allow me to check the time on the computer. Or when I'm lying about, rading a book, I sometimes like to know how many hours I've been impersonating a bump on a log. I checked the two spots the phone is usually at, and found nothing.

My next step was to have Ray call my phone. He said that it had been ringing while I was in the shower, that someone left a message, and thought the phone was somewhere it wouldn't have been. (Down between a bunch of stuff, where the phone is never placed.) So he called, and I found it...in the trash. I have no idea HOW it ended up in the trash, other than to assume in vibrated off my night table.

Thus, the phone was found, and Ray was correct. Someone HAD called and left a message. So I dialed all of the appropriate numbers to get my voice mail, and it started with something like this. "Hey, Rob. It's Joe. Long time no hear."

Hmmm...Joe...Joe. Who the heck is Joe, and why is he calling and leaving a message like he knows me? I don't know anyone named Joe, and this is probably a wrong number. I mean, the odds that someone else named Rob once had this same phone number...? Not so slim in my life. When I lived in AZ, there was a guy with my first and last name, AND my same birthday, down to the year, that was up on drug charges.

As all of that went through my head, this Joe-person went on to say that Julie just had her second child, Lucy, and that -

Wait...JULIE?!? She's alive and well?!? I thought she'd banished me from her life.

Well, perhaps she had, and now things were different. I have no idea. And the reason I have no idea is because I was forced to leave a voice mail when I called back. My assumption is that there will be little answering of phones while Julie is in the hospital.

Oh...Why is Julie in the hospital? Because Lucy decided to be difficult. She was a breach baby, and a C-section was required to get the baby out. It's a rude way to have a baby. Then again, I think it's rude to have a whole bunch of people staring at a woman's "hoo-hoo" while waiting for a baby to exit the normal way, so...yeah.

I then went about the business I had planned for today, which was supposed to be "Drug Quest." I brought my prescriptions into the pharmacy last week and was told the insurance was complaining it was too early. On my way out, I said I'd be back next week to get it. Thankfully, I thought to call before going there, because the insurance company has an issue with how the meds were written. "Why does this man need this many pills in a single day?"

My understanding is that the request for the doctor's authorization was made on 30 June. Not including the day it arrived, because it could have come at the end of the day, that leaves July 1, 2, 5 and 6, today, for it to be handled. "Holiday weekend?" People don't stop being sick on holidays, so I don't buy that as an excuse. I will officially be out of these meds come tomorrow, and will be unable to travel to get them anyways. I have a little surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning. Or was no one paying attention?

I'm off to make more calls and find out if these meds can be taken care of today. If they can't, I'm going to be in VERY bad shape after the surgery.

Here's hoping.

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