Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Walking to my doom

It's as though I don't learn. I manage to find ways to hurt myself that are the same old methods used during previous times. It was a walk through a mall that caused my knee to blow up like a balloon and bring me down the path toward surgery. It was a walk through Wal-Mart that has distressed my knee now.

It's almost two weeks since the surgery, and I've been getting around a lot better than the first few days. Heck, the first few days I could barely walk at all. If I did walk, it was with me applying as much pressure to my cane as possible. When I could have my housemates get me what I needed from the kitchen or some such, I would ask. Ah, but I couldn't lay around all the time. The sooner I was learning to walk again, the better. So after a few days, when the pain had subsided substantially, I was slowly hobbling toward the kitchen for my needs.

To keep from having to leave the house, I made sure I had plenty of money in my wallet. In fact, I still had money in my wallet yesterday. But I needed to get to the bank to deposit my birthday check from Dad. ($50! Woohoo!) What should have been a simple task at the ATM turned into a wait in line because the ATM was broken.

Then it was off to Wal-Mart, and I honestly thought I was in good enough shape to make it. We weren't going to be there long. In fact, we weren't there long at all. I hobbled over to the pharmacy to order some prescriptions, then we made our way down the food aisles to grab...well, food. (I got some ale to go with my beer. Ummm...That is, I got ginger ale to go with my root beer. =P ) Afterward, we went home with no stops anywhere else.

This short trip had taken almost everything out of me. Still, when I got home and started talking with Becky, I found myself briefly energized. (She has that effect on me.) We jumped on City of Heroes and fought a little villainy together...

...and after about two hours of playing, I was done for the day. If I didn't go to bed, I would collapse. So we shared a quick "goodnight" and I was off to sleep...

...and was up around 1:00 AM and in too much pain to return to sleep. My knee felt like everything inside had been loosened and would come undone at the first misstep. I took what painkillers I was permitted and tried to relax, but I didn't get back to sleep until around 5:00 AM.


I woke around 10:00 AM, which brings my sleep total to about nine or ten hours last night. I would happily have rolled over to get more rest, but now I have a new issue: a muscle spasm. One of those pesky muscles in my thigh, right next to the knee, has been jumping inside my skin since I rolled out of bed. I tried to massage it, but discovered that it's directly beneath one of my healing incisions. My knee also feels swollen, and I refuse to look at it to confirm this. Ignorance is bliss, right?

I have to stop letting my body fool me into thinking it's okay to engage in various activities. What I can do for brief stints at home can't be accomplished for an extended period of time out and about in the world. For now, I will assume I miscounted my spoons. In the future, I'll try to avoid such dangerous tasks as walking.

Be well, all.

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