Friday, August 6, 2010

Be sure to write it all down in pencil.

And keep an eraser handy, because whatever plans you're making, they're bound to change.

For example, here's the original plan Becky and I had. She would quit her job, move into her own apartment near school, spend two years in nursing school, while holding down a part-time job. As mentioned, I'd like her to live alone for a bit so she knows what it's like. Then, come May or June, whichever marks the end of her semester at school, she'll drive out here with a truck, pack me up, and we'll move in together. Then, once she has her degree, she'll get work, and we'll be wed, and we'll live happily ever after. The end.

Not quite. It turns out that there are pre-nursing courses she needs to take before the actual nursing classes begin. This is to ween out those who are not truly committed to the nursing program. Becky is prepared to bust her butt to get the best grades possible, which will likely mean no more five-hour chats on Skype once school starts.

The pre-nursing courses take a year to complete, and then the nursing program begins in the Fall each year, and ONLY the fall. So she'll start during the Spring semester, complete pre-nursing next fall, and have a semester in which she does...What? Well, a bit of brainstorming brought us back to her desire to major in nursing and minor in business. She could take business courses during the off semester, thereby maintaining the frame of mind required for schooling. Then, provided she makes the cut, (and I have every confidence she will), she'll enter the nursing program.

Meanwhile, tomorrow will make it six weeks until she and I see each other in the flesh again. We are discovering more and more each day that absence makes the heart grow insane. We miss kissing and cuddling. We were even able to do two different things while being in the same room...but the fact that the other was present made it a happier experience.

Because of this, the schedule to move me may be pushed up. She'll live alone between some time in October or the start of November until Spring break rolls around, and then spend that time off from classes coming to collect me. Unless my surgeries remain incomplete by that time, I have no objections to this idea. I want to start living happily ever after as much as she does.

And then there's the marriage chat. What we thought would be a two-year engagement, waiting for her to finish school, would now be a three-and-a-half-year wait for her to get her degree. It would seem that Becky doesn't want to wait that long. I don't either. And yet the practical part of me says we should wait until she has her nursing job so we can share medical insurance, instead of rushing.

Speaking of rushing, we've talked about kids. Her willingness to start a family has my paternal instincts going into overdrive. So I joked about my pending visit to her. "Is it okay if we try to get pregnant in September?" I was swiftly warned not to keep making that joke, because she would be more than willing to do exactly that. o.O

Of course, that would please my father to no end. He wants grandchildren, marriage be damned. Not exactly the smartest way to start a family, what with me being unemployable and her only working part-time while still in school.

*sigh* All of it is exciting, and scary, and happy, and...The list of emotions is all over the place for the both of us. But we're trying our best to build this future, even now.

For example, Becky has this little savings account that miraculously earns 400% interest annually. I don't know how that works, but she's only had $5 sitting in there, growing. I was stunned by this, especially since she hasn't been diverting any extra money toward that account. And so it was that I told her I'd help us build our nest egg by sending her a little money each month to add to that account. By slipping $25 each month into that account, that'll add up to $300 in a year. I'm not about to juggle the interest, but if that figure remains untouched for a year, that'll turn it into $1,200. That's a new apartment if we need it, including deposits, first month's rent, and moving expenses. And since it's not income generated by employment, it won't get taxed as heavily.

See? I'm all kinds of smart!

Another things I was prepared to write in pen, but remains in pencil, is the fact that my medication adventures took a turn for the better yesterday. What the doctor and the pharmacy couldn't accomplish, I could with one angry phone call. I will be picking up my extended release morphine today, and will hopefully see a great reduction in my daily discomfort.

It's as John Lennon said. "Life is what happens while you're making other plans." So it's probably wise to write all of your plans for your grand futures in pencil.

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