Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rob and the Amazingly Incredible Exploding Knee

Happy 3rd, everyone. It was a slightly rougher-than-usual month for me financially last month, what with spending money on a birthday gift for Becky, buying a few DVDs to keep me entertained while recovering from surgery, and various supplies to keep me clean during the aforementioned recovery. This has always been a problem for me. When I have money, I spend it. If I don't NEED anything, I'll buy useless crap. So it was through August.

But today is the day I get my government check, and I celebrated by going out and buying much needed supplies for the house. My housemates have been suffering on the financial side, too, but for a few better reasons than I.

You see, Ray's dad has been in the hospital for the last three weeks. He's been receiving regular treatments in a hyperbaric chamber to fix...something. So while Ray's dad has been away, Ray has been working very hard to get dad's home in order. With his dad being disabled, his home fell into rather dire condition. The work required the purchase of chemicals and the rental of cleaning equipment, and Ray used the joint account he shares with Cody for the household expenses.

Along come the household expenses, and suddenly the guys find themselves being overdrawn and the like. They are then forced to live as lean as I normally do, and last night it was discovered that the food was mostly gone. Oh, it's nice that we still have sandwich meat, but the lack of bread made sandwiches difficult. (I went to use the last three pieces of bread, spread a little dressing on each slice, turned to get the meat, and the plate hit the floor. Each piece of bread landed dressing-side down. Perfect.)

Oh...To be clear, my housemates are heterosexual. Some might think otherwise because they have a joint account, but this is done for convenience. They each dedicate a fixed amount from each pay period to go into this account, which is then used to pay for food, gas, rent, etc.

I'd been playing the role of leech this past month. If I contributed anything at all, it was very little. Mind you, I am not obligated to pay for anything but my own needs, as per the guys' instructions. But I said some time ago that I don't believe anyone rides for free. I usually contribute in some way to what's needed in this place, and last month I did horribly at my self-appointed task.

So today, with Ray off to Kansas City to pick up his father, Ray's mom picked me up and schlepped me to Wal-Mart. Once there, I grabbed all sorts of needs for the house, along with a few desired snacks for myself and the guys.

Ah, but I had a pretty good idea of how many spoons I was carrying today from the moment I woke up. You see, I was awakened by a phone call from my surgeon's office. I'd called yesterday to let them know that I was occasionally waking up with what felt like a "bracelet of numbness" around my right wrist. My fear was that this could be a sign of more than an entrapped ulnar nerve. I was told today that the doctor was fairly confident it was just the nerve in the elbow.

Alas, when I tried to roll over and go back to sleep, my knee simply touching the bed caused me pain. There would be no sleep. And knowing that I had errands to run today, I also knew there would be no physical therapy. I simply wouldn't be up for it. So I called in and canceled today's therapy session.

No surprise to discover that I was right. My trip to "Wally World" caused my knee to swell up rather nicely, and the whole thing feels like it doesn't want to work properly. This is after I was careful not to overwork the knee. I even had my cane with me to ensure I didn't constantly have my full weight on the knee. (I take about 60 lbs. of pressure off my leg when using my cane.) And, of course, it hurts. For those who remain unclear, pain sucks.

*sigh* I look forward to the day my knee doesn't explode every time I use it for extended periods.

In other medical news, I found something out when I called in to physical therapy. It seems my request to have a little extra work done with my repaired elbow has finally been heard. They want me to show up a half an hour early on Friday for my arm and hand to be evaluated. This is a good thing. What I want most is some workout putty. It comes in varying strengths, and can be used anywhere and any time to attempt to return strength to my hands. The right hand will have to wait, but the left can be worked on immediately. So...Yay!

And that's all I have at the moment. My exploding knee and I are off to attempt something along the lines of relaxation. Be well, all.

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