Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thoughts of Siege and others

So Ray was driving me to physical therapy yesterday, when I asked about Siege. Ray gave a report of sorts, but was light on the details. This is very strange for Ray, as the man can't help but give DETAILED details for just about anything he says. Like me, Ray likes to talk. Also like me, Ray will not divulge information that may be of questionable content or of an extremely personal nature. The general status report was that Siege was okay-ish, and has been in regular contact with him and Cody.

As usually when it comes to Siege, I felt a little insulted. This is really something that's entirely in my head. Siege has yet to make any kind of direct, serious insult toward me. It's just that he saved me from what was certain doom, rescuing me from the slums of AZ and bringing me to good people in KS, and eventually left for CA to be with a significant other. And...well, I care about Siege a great deal for numerous reasons, my rescue just being one of them. I don't require constant contact, but I'd like to hear from him once a month.

Ah, but Siege knows Cody and Ray for far longer than myself. Regular contact with them is somewhat expected. And yet Siege and I have sat for some time, talking, and have even shared tears from time to time. He broke down once or twice. I did the same. It's not something you do with some vague acquaintance. Then again, the things Ray and Cody endured with Siege around was...far more intimate than a few tears.

The end of my conversation with Ray about Siege revealed a possible job opportunity, but Ray was uncomfortable sharing what the job might be. My best guesses were "stripper," "drug dealer," "prostitute," or "assassin." I kept the fifth idea to myself, which was "a drug dealing prostitute/stripper that was also available as a killer-for-hire." Ray said that it was none of the above. With those less-than-savory jobs out of the way, I imagine the next worst thing for someone as colorful as Siege would be to become...AN ACCOUNTANT! (Dun dun DUN!)

So, Siege...if you're seeing this, please speak up. Either reach out to me with an e-mail, or have the guys permission to reveal these deep, dark secrets. And if you ARE going to become an accountant...It's okay. I support the idea, even if it is disturbing. =P

But thoughts of Siege later led me to become nostalgic. Once again, I found myself wondering where all of my old friends ended up. Bryan, Rick, Terence...I may have vanished from their lives so many years ago, but I still wonder what happened to them from time to time. Off to Google I went, and wasn't surprised to find all three of those guys.

I found some recordings from Rick. The man can still play 1,000 instruments. That was always what amazed me about him. If you handed him a musical instrument he'd never played before at the start of the day, he could be playing it reasonably well by day's end. And, of course, if he didn't want anyone finding or hearing his stuff, he wouldn't post it on a public site, Check out some original stuff by my old friend. (Hehehe...He sings in "Doing What I Should." Now THAT'S funny.) And, yes...if you hear an instrument being played, it's being played by Rick.

Bryan I found on Facebook. This is just one more nudge to sign a deal with the Devil...Ummm...I mean "joining that site" to get in touch with people. I was able to gain no other information about him.

Finally, I found Terence, the most painful loss of all my friends. It's a painful loss because I was the one that successfully drove a wedge between us, putting him of a mind to never want to speak to me again. Much to my regret, I made him a target for most of the years we were in contact. Now I miss my friend, and the hole I dug with him is far too deep to climb out of. Still, it's good to know that he's doing well as a self-employed writer.

And that's all I have for the moment. I'm off to lose myself in a pixelated world where I don't have to worry about hurting people...because that's actually my job in there.

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Anonymous said...

If you do sign up with the great demon Facebook just know that it isn't too bad if you immediately hide all the notices from the numerous crappy games (Mafia, FarmVille and so forth). Once you've done that and your news feed is all just legitimate posts it's much easier to just keep up with people socially and also much less addicting. I spend less than 1/2 hour a day there, but I'm more of a lurker and not all that social.