Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And the winner is...

...THE RIGHT ELBOW! Let's give the right elbow a big hand. ladies and gentlemen! (Pun fully intended.)

I went to see my orthopedic surgeon today to discuss what should be done about my left knee. It's been acting up, but not consistently. Still, I've been somewhat fearful that whatever is plaguing it would turn into a similar incident as with the right. Walking along, minding my own business, when the knee suddenly becomes a huge problem. Alas, without the right knee bothering me on a regular basis, the surgery would be considered "elective." My current coverage doesn't allow me to have surgery because I'm paranoid.

There's also the fact that the current pictures don't warrant surgery. My MRI shows a POSSIBLE tear. It's not nearly as clear as it was on the right side. X-rays also show good spacing between the bones. Looking at the pictures that were done for my right knee, one could see a reduction in the spacing of bones. Everything looks okay in the left.

So we discussed other things, past and future.

The Past: I reported that the doc had fixed a large tear. What I didn't know was exactly what "a large tear" meant, or how it had been fixed. I now have those answers. The doc removed the damaged part of my medial meniscus, which turned out to be an estimated 40% of the whole. This explains why, almost two months later, this thing is still healing. I had no idea he'd removed so much. Heck, I didn't know he'd removed anything at all. I thought perhaps he'd managed to tack down the tear and we were waiting for it to heal. Nope. And the doc informed me that in the past, a tear that large would usually result in the removal of the entire meniscus. I would have been meniscusless.

The Future: As a passing inquiry, I asked if there was absolutely anything that could be done for my right foot. I still experience terrible pain from the place where I had esteomyelitis. The doc said they usually recommend I see a specialist to get me special shoes...which I already wear. Beyond that, there's not much to be done.

But then there's my right elbow. On that one, we KNOW work needs to be done. But with my month already full of activities with Becky, there was no chance I'd be having it in September. And because my beloved is returning with me to stay until 9 October...Well, Becky may have a great desire for hers to be the face I see when I awaken from surgery, but there wouldn't be much time to get everything done that needs to get done. I'll need pre-surgical labs, as well as a "nurse visit" to discuss aftercare. That will be happening during the week of Becky's visit, and I'll have the surgery on 13 October. (Which just happens to be our dating anniversary.)

As for the knee...? It's a waiting game. The pain will likely increase come the winter, at which point the doc will probably be more willing to go in and have a look around. Since my plan is to visit with my sweet, beautiful Becky again during the holidays, further surgery will probably wait until January.

Then, given that all of my surgical needs will be done with, my lady-love and I are now aiming for March or April, (whenever her Spring Break occurs), for me to move to my new home. "Your new home, Rob?" Yes. You see, Becky is my new home, so home is wherever she is. =)

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