Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby, it's cold inside...

...inside my head and chest, that is. The dream visit with the woman I love was turned to misery almost instantly. And it started on the second morning I awoke in Kat's house.

I won't ever make the claim that I'm a "hot" guy, but I do frequently find myself overheating quite easily. Since Becky demonstrated a willingness to wear warmer bed clothes and snuggle under a blanket, I was able to crank the A/C in the room, dress down, and sleep comfortably. Alas, what I didn't know was that the A/C vent was pretty much aimed at my head. I may have rested well that night, but I awoke with a raw throat and a bit of a cough.

Bah! No big deal. I'd feel miserable for a day and that's it, right? But I'd be smart the next night. Dress lightly, no A/C, and all would be well. Right? Except for the fact that the temperature dropped that particular night and I, in my sleep, didn't have any kind of presence of mind to slip under the covers. Instead of feeling better the next day, I only felt worse.

But it was just a minor cold, right? I'll combat it the way I have fought every cold I've ever had over the last 15 years. Plenty of vitamin C and chicken soup, and I shouldn't suffer at all. Except...I'd been downing plenty of vitamin C since the very start. The cranberry-raspberry drink I have hands over a full day's worth per serving. I added some chicken soup to my diet, but it seemed as though it was too late...

...because the next night, I was in misery. Despite taking some cold medicine, I woke every two hours with a powerful coughing fit, my lungs lined with mucus that simply refused to move. I had a powerful cough, but the inability to breathe deeply to really shake up the fluid filling my lungs had my head filling with visions of a possible hospital visit. The last thing I needed was bronchitis and possible pneumonia.

I was in absolute misery until today. We left Luppy and Kat's place, and as Becky and I drove off the mountain where they live, I started showing a marked improvement. In fact, I was singing along with some CDs I was playing in Becky's car, and my only real issue was that I couldn't take proper breaths to keep pace with the lyrics.

So, a couple of things are weighing heavily on my mind this evening.

The first is that my cold is now affecting my diabetes. I thought it was the expectorant I'd picked up earlier. I can still see myself wondering aloud to Becky, "I wonder if that stuff causes a dry mouth.", had I bothered to check, I would have noticed my blood sugar climbing. I even have acetone, just wee amounts, on my breath. So it's extra insulin and lots of fluids to clear it out of me so I can attend Luppy and Kat's wedding.

And that brings the other thing to mind. Luppy and Kat...Ummm...and mind you, I know Kat will be reading this, but human beings should not live the way they do. I have a feeling my cold was made that much worse by existing in a house loaded down with so much dust and mold that it would be condemned should health officials be called in. And so I wish to convey a message to them via this blog...

Look, you two. You're good people. I don't intend to "yell" at either of you. But with the adult act of getting married comes other adult responsibilities, like taking care of one another. And part of that includes keeping a home. As much as you'd probably like to continue living a carefree life filled with what work you have to do to earn a paycheck, and then play games with the rest of your free time, you are officially overdue to make a home out of that disaster area. Enjoy your honeymoon. But when you come home, you put all the computers and game systems into storage containers and they don't come out until you can walk around your house for an hour and the soles of your feet still appear to be flesh colored...and not the abysmal black I saw on Kat's feet a few nights ago.

Okay...Speech is complete. Your house didn't make me sick, it just contributed to how bad it felt once I became sick. It also doesn't help that my immune system is compromised by my diabetes.

So...Yeah. I got me a cold while trying to spend quality time with my lady love. Becky seems to be determined to somehow take the blame for it. "If you're going to get sick every time you come to visit me, you won't be able to visit me anymore." It was then that I pointed out that this is the first and only time I've ever come to visit her. Thus she countered, "Fine. If you get sick the next time you visit me, I won't allow you to visit again." But according to our little schedule, the time after that should entail me moving in. No more visits, regardless.

That's all I have for the moment, but there'll probably be more to come. I mean, how could the nice Jewish boy NOT blog after the wall-to-wall goyim gathering at the wedding? =P

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