Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In the know

Well, we did it. Becky and I told her mother this evening, and I'm pleased to say neither of us have been wounded. We're also not dead. And as far as we're concerned, not being dead is a good thing.

I met Becky's mother on Monday during a quick dinner and then an hour or so back at her house. I was able to make a semi-good impression. And I say this only because she didn't come at me with a weapon today. Alas, Monday's meeting was disrupted by a lack of insulin syringes. I had insulin. I had alcohol swabs. But the syringes, which I understand are somewhat vital to the insulin delivery system for diabetics, were back at the3 motel. We called it an early night.

Today, Becky and I went back to the house to get some laundry done. Becky's mom, whom I'll call 'Nita, came home and we started kibitzing the moment she walked in the door. I had the opportunity to turn on the charm, cracking the occasional joke and earning a laugh. All was as well as could be expected.

Laundry aside, Becky and I had a goal. We were going to tell 'Nita about the engagement, and Becky was "kind enough" to lay that responsibility in my lap. My beloved was entirely too nervous to get it done, and I, being the "white knight willing to brave any danger for my love," had said I'd take care of it. So I did.

I worked my way toward breaking the news by backtracking, reminding all parties that I'd known Becky for a year before we started talking on a much more intimate level. I spoke of the two months in which we started falling for one another, making good use of the knowledge all seemed to have of Becky's ex-boyfriends. I made it clear that Becky and I are well aware that we've been charging forward somewhat swiftly in this relationship, but that we were going to slow down once we were engaged...and then I let that hang there like an elephant in the room.

'Nita sat there for only a moment before her eyes went wide. She connected all the dots without me having to go into detail. Then I confirmed it with, "Yes, I asked her to marry me." In that moment, Becky took up the cause, smiling and showing off the ring. And 'Nita didn't seem all that upset. She had concerns, but we quelled them. Like what Becky's ex tried to do with his "surprise wedding." Oh, that upset 'Nita a great deal, so I promised her that there would be no phone calls out of the blue announcing we recently got married; 'Nita would be there for it. I also stressed that Becky's nursing education comes before our plans to get married; the only thing that would cause our wedding to occur before graduation is if being married would improve Becky's financial aid.

I came away feeling very good, specifically after 'Nita said that she actually felt much better after having met me. I also felt better, oddly, after she confessed to running a criminal background check on me. I like it when people use their heads while using their hearts. 'Nita was rather pleased that her investigation turned up was I.

So now there's the matter of telling Becky's step-father, who's been in her life since she was around the age of two. He's Turkish, and a Muslim, and will probably be less than thrilled she's engaged to marry a nice Jewish boy who's originally from NY. (No, Becky isn't Muslim.)

Alternatively, those whom we've told - Becky's soon-to-be-ex-fellow-employees, for example - were very happy for us, especially after seeing exactly how happy Becky is. I'm enjoying the fact that we're able to spread the news and receive positive responses, as opposed to trying to keep it a secret and getting lengthy speeches as to how or why we should break up.

Now all we have to do is survive our week-long visit to KS. For all I know, we'll be walking into the trailer to a surprise engagement party. On the off chance that that's going to happen, we'll take cash or time cards for WoW or City of Heroes. =D

Be well, all.

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