Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nine days and counting...

Today, Becky and I break double digits on the countdown to when we see each other. Ths means that the excitement we feel will probably remain at "five-year-old" until I step off the bus. What does that mean? Well, it means that our conversations will be spontaneously interrupted by one, the other, or both suddenly saying, "Boingy, boingy, boingy," accompanied by actually bouncing in our seats.

As amusing as that sounds, what you're missing is the voice I use when saying it. Becky...? She doesn't do unusual voices all that much. But I'm constantly slipping in and out of character voices as I speak to her on Skype. The childish voice is the most common, and used to great effect when saying something like, "I'm a sexy beast." Or I'll start to whine while saying, "I'm intimidating, and you should be afraid of me." And a few days ago, I slipped into a kind of German accent and told the entire tale of how her and I got together, but did so as one would to small children. Becky was quite amused.

She and I are SO excited that we have already planned out the rest of my arrival day. It's really quite simple. I get off the bus. She and I embrace. Eventually, Kay comes along with a crowbar and separates us. We head back to Kat's house. I shower. Then Becky and I retire to the room we'll occupy at Kat's and I'll collapse. And if I regain consciousness, good for me. If not, that will also be good for me, as sleeping on the bus may not be entirely possible.

Very recently, we did the math on how long it's been since we've seen one another. The result was 3.9 months. Close enough to four to call it that. Thankfully, our plans don't allow for that much time to pass before we see each other again. For this, I'm thankful, because I'm back to being as nervous as I was during our first meeting. It's odd, as I don't have anything I need to prove this time around. Actually, I didn't have anything to prove the first time. Psychologically, however, there's the need to demonstrate to Becky that she's made the right choice in choosing me. So, despite having nothing to prove, I feel like I do. Go figure.

Ah, but once I'm there, I'll be able to remind her of the reasons she chose me above all others. We'll light a couple of candles and cuddle up. And we'll continue to talk about our dreams of a bright future together, interrupting for the occasional kiss. It will be as it was back in May, but with a greater degree of comfort. Back when we first met, I was fairly nervous. I may be a bit nervous this time, also, but not nearly as much. And we can abandon the childish acts that fill the time between visits with tenderness.

Be well, all.

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