Tuesday, September 28, 2010

These Magic Moments

So many times over this last week and a half in which I've been able to think, Alone at last with the woman I love. And then reality comes crashing in to sour those moments.

A prime example is this cold that's been hanging on to me with what is apparently a death grip. I was getting better, too! It was down to a pesky tickle at the back of my throat. This morning, it seemed to regain strength, and my voice was so deep and scratchy that I could have done a perfect Barry White impression...

...and I think this was actually a plan by her mother, whom I met last night. In her effort to keep us from "fooling around," she renewed my cold so that there couldn't even be kissing.

Another example is our purchase of Iron Man 2. We brought her X-box 360 to the motel, and it worked perfectly last night. Ah, but the movie was released at midnight, so it was just a game last night. Since there was an issue with the A/C, we were given a different room. We hooked the game system up in the new room, and all we'd get was a black screen. Well, it worked last night, so the problem MUST be the television, right? We brought the problem to the front desk, Becky went off to a dentist appointment, and I awaited some kind of aid to figure out what was wrong.

Eventually, some poor man employed by the motel came by to see what the problem might be. He fiddled with the console. He fiddled with television. And when he was done fiddling, he finally took my suggestion of switching units. He schlepped to the room we were in last night, schlepped it back here, hooked it up, resumed his fiddling...

...until I noticed the X-box's power indicator had turned into the RCoD (Red Circle of Death). I apologized for having bothered anyone with this, and watched with a great degree of guilt as he packed up a perfectly functioning television and schlepped it away. Then it was a text to my beloved to let her know her game system was dead...and that she couldn't play the birthday gift I'd sent her in July. (Okay, reality check! I bought her a copy of "Just Cause 2" for the X-box because when she'd visited in May, she enjoyed playing it on the PS3. Since I've already raved about how much absurd fun it is...I didn't buy it for her; I bought it so that I could play it once we're finally living together.)

Oh well. Looks like movie night will occur via laptop.

There is one other moment that...Well, I won't live it down, and it's just too funny not to share.

Becky was lying next to me, and the television was on. I'd been sucked into whatever was on and absently reached beside me to caress her shoulder. Alas, the isolated lump I gently ran my hand over was NOT, in fact, he shoulder. It was her...It was her...It was NOT her shoulder. So there I am, caressing away, when she finally spoke up...

Her: Ummm...Sweetie? You do know you're fondling my [redacted].
Me: Huh?
Her: You hand. It's on my [redacted].
Me: *pulling my hand away* Oh, G-d! I'm sorry, baby! I thought I was caressing your shoulder.
Her: *giggling* Oh, I didn't mind. I just wasn't sure you wanted to get something started.

I assure you, I've wanted to get "something started" during much of my vacation. Alas, this cold, which her mother re-gave me last night...

Y'know, many people have moments that result in them saying, "Some day we'll look back at all of this and laugh." As it turns out, we don't have to look back. We laugh at ourselves now, and will hopefully continue to do so for the rest of our lives.

Oh! And before I go, I received a surprise call last night. Julie FINALLY called, opening up her side of the coneversation with, "You're getting married! Who is this Becky person?" And so I was off to the races, trying to explain as swiftly as possible what's been going on. Unfortunately, Julie's connection was an ongoing nightmare, so we couldn't chat for very long.

The absolute best part of the conversation was when Julie started spouting that which I've had to listen to from everyone who knows Becky. In fact, as the volume was up on my phone, I was able to let Becky listen in. "Rob...I swear to G-d, if she hurts you, I'm going to track her down and hurt in ways she can't even imagine." (Or something like that.) And it had Becky and I laughing, only because I'd heard it a half dozen times myself, but all pertaining to me possibly hurting Becky. At last, she was on the receiving end of the threats!

So there, baby! =P

We'll be on our way back to KS in a couple of days, at which point I'll be at my own computer and better able to tell my tales. Be well, all.


Nightsgale said...

Are you sure it was a Red Ring of Death, or was it a single red ring, indicating that the video cable wasn't properly seated in the Xbox360? That's a single red ring that blinks, whereas the Red Ring of Death is solid, to my knowledge...

See you in Kansas soon!

Rob Meadows said...

Then according to you, it was...it was...Yeah, it was the Red Ring of Death. It was a solid red ring, and when we restarted the X-box, it wouldn't do anything at all, not even read the game disc.

And...Look at this. I'm replying to a guy I live with. How odd is that?!?