Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well, this is it...

...that is, it SHOULD be it. Unless something eventful happens during the rest of this day, this should be my last post before I head off to PA for Kat's wedding. And, just as important, seeing my sweet, beautiful Becky.

Apparently, Kat is actually a bit jealous of Becky. Kat has said something to the effect of, "You've managed to trump my wedding." How'd she manage that? By being incredibly excited that we're going to see one another again. Saturday makes it 3.9 months since we last saw one another, and we've been going somewhat insane at the prospect of doing so once more.

The great expression for our excitement has been bouncing. In speech and in action. Becky has watch with great amusement as I've sat here, literally bouncing up and down in my seat, proclaiming the obvious in the voice of a child, "I bouncing!" A couple of nights ago, Becky was exhausted, so she said while lying in bed, "I'm bouncing. Or would if I could move. I'm bouncing on the inside." And our most mundane conversations will be interrupted by one or the other saying, "Boingy, boingy, boingy!"

Crazy kids in love. That's us.

However, as much as I'm looking forward to my time in PA and NY, I'm looking forward even more to our return to KS. You see, there's a lot of things we need to do while I'm out of town. There's the wedding and the things that had to wait until the last minute, the drive to NY, where we'll be visiting the guy who's more of a brother to me than my own brothers, visiting my father, a little time in the town of Wantagh to show Becky where I spent most of my years growing up, a possible drive to Brooklyn to pick up some things that MIGHT be on the second floor of the old family business, the drive back to PA, meeting Becky's mother and probably her brothers, a visit to the place where Becky worked and just had her last day yesterday, and then the LONG bus ride back to KS.

That first week in October...THAT'S when Becky and I will have absolutely NOTHING to do but spend time with one another. I have an appointment to speak with a nurse and get some blood work done that week, as I'll be having surgery the next. But beyond that, it'll be time spent with my lady love, cuddling and talking and just being happy to be with one another. No weddings, no visits, no trips here or there. It'll just be us and time...

Which I imagine will slip by entirely too fast. That's the thing about time. It's a matter of perspective. The way I've been describing it for years is like so: "The length of a minute all depends on which side of the bathroom door you're on." To further explain, if you're inside and taking care of nature's call, then time moves along at it's normal pace. But if you're outside of an occupied bathroom, and you REALLY have to go, a minute feels as though it's managed to turn into an hour. Thus, the time when I'm with Becky will probably race by, and we'll be left wondering where it all went.

I imagine that's what Kat's been going through, what with her wedding rapidly approaching. Tie must have been speeding up or slowing down, just when she didn't want it to do such things. "The wedding is so far away, and I want to get married NOW!" "Wait, there's still too much to do! Why is time going so fast?!?" She'll probably think of a dozen other things to do this week, all of which cannot possibly be accomplished because time has run out. The wedding is on the evening of 24 September.

Ah, but Kat...Since I know you'll eventually be reading this, you should know that NOTHING trumps wedding. It's the winning card when it comes to love. And although it seems as though Becky and I have done nothing but fawn over one another during your very special time, it hasn't escaped our notice.

Specifically, I've been considering making a toast to you and Luppy. (That's Kat's future husband's nickname.) Much of what I've talked about with Becky involves her hitting me in the head while I make the proposed toast. It goes something like this, with Becky's part represented by "*BIFF!* "Gathered friends and family, we are gathered here today to mourn - *BIFF!* - CELEBRATE the joining of these two victims - *BIFF!* - KAT AND LUPPY as they head down the path to their doom - *BIFF!* - THE ROAD TO HAPPINESS. They have graciously played the role of torturers - *BIFF!* - HOST AND HOSTESS to Becky and I, and this eulogy - *BIFF!* - TOAST is my way of thanking you. So...To Kat and Luppy. May their divorce be less stressful that their wedding preparations! - *BIFF!* - MAY THEY FOREVER EXPERIENCE WEDDED BLISS!" Such things make my beloved laugh a great deal, which is good...but it also brings up the fact that I might very well make a toast to you too. It's only fair that I should say something quite publicly as a way of thanking you for taking me in during the final week of your wedding preparations. It's no mean feat playing host and hostess while putting together the final pieces of a marriage ceremony. Thus, this is your warning to expect me to ask for the mic at some point during the reception. I mean, Becky considers you her sister, and I have every intention of asking for her hand by June of next year, so...Yeah.

Oh...and Becky, my love, my sweet...try not to hit me TOO hard during the toast. =P

And so, I am off to make those last few preparations of my own before I go. I need to finish laundry, make sure I have everything I need and ready to be packed, and perhaps take a little nap before getting ready to go. The nap is to ensure I'm awake when it's time to actually leave.

Perhaps I'll have a chance to blog while I'm away, but that remains a bit of an unknown. So until my glorious return, be well, my friends. =)

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Nefidean said...

You missed words in that quote. "You Coming has officially trumped my wedding" Which was fallowed by her arrival and my "You've just been demoted" to her. I was ecstatic to find out she would be here a day early, even though I fell asleep on the couch, I still enjoyed her company.

Also don't jinx us on the wedding day please. :P or I'm going to throw corn at you.