Sunday, September 12, 2010

What is this "sleep" you speak of?

It would seem that I've done it again. Between reliving the trauma of 9/11 and the excitement of seeing Becky in less than a week, I've taken the semblance of a sleep schedule that I had and have thrown it out the proverbial window. If I don't correct it within the next few days, my visit with Becky will have us conscious during opposite ends of the day. She'll be awake during the day, while I'm awake all night. It'll be...something.

At least 9/11 this year didn't have me sitting silently all day by myself, wallowing in the horrific memories of 2001. I did what I've done for the last few years, which is seek out documentaries about the attack. I also watched the one produced by the Naudet brothers (as linked yesterday), who were one of the two people to capture the first plane hitting the towers. It may be a kind of morbid curiosity, but I also believe it to be a duty that we remember that terrible piece of history. Amidst my day of mourning, I was even able to get a few smiles in, as talking with my beloved helped quite a bit.

Oh, but my day just had to be sullied by "9/11 Truthers." Cody went on a bit of a rant on Facebook, and some of the replies had me getting angry. "The Towers were brought down by the government so we could have a reason to go to war with Iraq." Really? The administration run by Governor Bush couldn't keep his stupidity a secret; how could they keep a major conspiracy like this under their hats? We all saw how the fabrication of WMDs in Iraq came undone after "Mission Accomplished," right? Does anyone truly believe the geniuses in Washington could hide a conspiracy that killed thousands and destroyed the heart of New York City? After seeing pictures of people leaping to their deaths, does anyone honestly think heads wouldn't have rolled for producing such horror?

What gets me are the "facts" that people try to throw in my face. "These were steel constructs that could not have melted. The designers said that hitting the top floors wouldn't have collapsed the towers. Buildings don't fall like that unless they're demolished professionally. There were a series of smaller explosions after the planes impacted. And what about Building 7?"

*sigh* Listen up, you dimwits, and listen well.

1: In a major metropolis, G-d forbid there's something as serious as an earthquake, you don't want your buildings falling sideways. If that happened, you'd have a gargantuan set of Dominoes falling over, killing millions. The buildings are DESIGNED to come straight down.
2: The designs of most skyscrapers involves the floors/ceilings themselves to hold the building up. Burn out a dozen floors and the structure starts to collapse. Now what, pray tell, do you think will happen to the floors beneath as several hundred tons of material comes falling their way? THEY ALL FALL! But you say one of the architects said it wouldn't collapse? Name him instead of saying "an architect said so." Also, take a moment and ask him if his calculations included a plane traveling at several hundred miles per hour.
3: The smaller explosions could have been so many things that I can't begin to list them all. How about me throwing out just one: a propane tank. One small tank of compressed gas, as used in repairs, could cause an explosion strong enough to blow a house apart.
4: Building 7 was hit by a large piece of debris from the collapse of Tower 1. Combined with the fires that burned for so long within its walls, and it had little else to do but fall.

I could go on, and this is all just using common sense. What's more, my old acquaintance Dave told me that something that big couldn't be kept secret for long at all. There are too many loose tongues wagging in Washington. No one vanished or was killed to shut them up. No one has come forward with some astonishing claim of knowing the truth. There are no rooms filled with documents sealed up until all that were involved are dead...such as with the whole JFK thing. (Yes, I believe there's an actual conspiracy behind that one. Or, as Cody put it, "Something's not kosher.")

And another thing, "Truthers"...Stop calling us "sheeple," or we'll have your brains baah-aah-aah-aashed in. =P

But aside from the emotional turmoil of 9/11, there's the infinitely better and far more exciting prospect of seeing my sweet, beautiful Becky again.

It's most common for us, when we're on Skype, for her to have me on full screen. Because her laptop is the primary source of light on her face in those moments, some of her features get lost in the dimness of me filling up her screen. I can see those soft, ruby-red lips, and I long to kiss them again. But then there are those times when she reduces the size of my picture on her screen, and a brighter light hits her face...and her sparkling green eyes shine brightly...and she smiles, illuminating the screen that much more...

And something I look forward to, that I can only partially experience over the distance between us, is her starting to drift off to sleep. She stretches out on her bed, the camera aimed in such a way that I can see her from the waist up...and she just looks so beautiful, and so at peace. I can hardly wait to be there in person, watching her drift off when she's within arm's that I can stretch out my hand and gently caress her cheek, and FEEL her smile serenely. Even better, I'll be able to do this in candlelight.

Y'all let me know when I'm being too mushy for you. And know in advance that when you say that to me, I'll bid you all to go read something else, because I have every intention of remaining mushy throughout my romance with my beloved. =P

So...For the next few nights, it's going to be full 1 mg. doses of Xanax to get to sleep. My bus ride to PA may well throw me off again, but at least I won't be wildly off schedule. And then, once we're together, Becky and I will likely utterly destroy our respective sleep schedules, as we spend as much time as possible trying to stay awake to simply stare at one another. It's the kind of goofy thing that people in love will do.

Be well. =)

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Zeb The Troll said...

I couldn't agree more with you, Rob, about the "Truthers". I'll concede that we don't know every single detail about what happened, but the idea that the whole thing was a massively engineered government conspiracy just doesn't make sense. The more people that are involved, the less likely it is that 100% of them can be kept silent.

My indulgence? I'm not convinced that the airplane over PA was downed by heroic passengers. I won't say that it wasn't, but I think it's plausible that it was shot down in order to prevent a fourth building being hit.

Here's the thing, though. It's not important enough to me to prove that it wasn't genuine heroism. I honestly hope that it was. If the family and friends of those that perished on that flight believe their loved ones to be capable of that kind of heroism, what place is it of mine to bring that memory of them into question? It'd be nothing but a pure jerk move to do so. There's no potential good that could come from it. None.