Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Can you feel the post-operative love?

This may be kind of quick, as I can't really bend my right elbow to type properly.

Remember yesterday's post, when I said I'd be asking for 4 mg., broken down int two shots so they don't do more harm than good, of diloted with which to send me home? Well, I didn't get them. Instead, I received two shots of 3 mg., for a grand total of SIX mg.

I love EVERYONE. You could beat me to near-unconsciousness and set me on fire, and I'd still love you. Probably not as much as the person who did NOT do these things to me, but it would be love nonetheless.

Mind you, my theory of powerful painkillers remains the same. I might still feel said pain...I just don't care about it.

Here's the thing, though. I could concentrate past the narcotic effect and start talking as though I were merely tired. Instead, because this is a fairly rare event, I'm riding the effect as long as I'm conscious. My regular meds don't do this to me; I've been on them too long. So I'm using the next few hours to enjoy my trip down Narcotic Lane.

As far I know, the surgery went well. I have no real details. I just know that there didn't seem to be any major problems.

And now I'm off to rest. The incision stings a bit, and I didn't sleep last night due to an extreme case of nerves. While I TRY to be well, you should all DEFINITELY be well.

And remember...I love you all.

Special Note: As much as I love everyone, there remains only one woman who occupies my heart and mind: Halle Berry. I mean, BECKY! Yes, I'm sure I meant Becky. =P

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