Monday, October 11, 2010

I wish people would give me information...

...instead of waiting for me to make a statement and then accidentally realizing there could be some stuff I need to know.

Take my pain doc. I saw him today, and my plan was one of desperation. Whether or not steroids would create a problem for my diabetes, I was going to ask for a nerve block for my right foot. The pain is beyond the capacity of both the morphine and the oxycodone I've been taking. I can barely walk around the place where I live. I'm fed up with being unable to walk.

I've been avoiding a nerve block because steroids are commonly used in them. Steroids and diabetes don't mix, as they can raise the blood glucose. It was pointed out to me today that even if that happened, I could just take more insulin and wrangle myself back under control.

The thing is that my doc said nerve blocks can be done WITHOUT steroids. I've been taking powerful narcotics for almost three years, and now I'm finding out that there was yet another alternative that NO ONE bothered to mention. This is irksome news to say the least.

So there I was, in the doc's office, prepared to BEG for a nerve block, and the doctor has no problem getting it done. No begging required at all. If this works, I might be able to ween myself off the narcotocs and save them for some other time when I might need them. Let's hope my appointment on 21 October produces some results.

Now for the bad news. The doc took one look at my hands and is concerned, because it appears the muscles are continuing to atrophy. I was ready to dismiss this news, since the surgery on my left hand was only four months ago. His reaction was that there should have been some improvement or, at the very least, should have stayed the same. They should NOT be getting worse.

With the intention of burning one bridge at a time, we're going to address the pain in my foot first. I need to be mobile. I'm also need to be at the hospital at 6:30 AM on Wednesday for surgery on my right elbow. So we're going to get these things out of the way, and then see what's what.

That's really all I have for the moment. I had a long night, which has become an exhausting day. I'm off to get some rest. Be well, all.

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