Saturday, October 23, 2010

I....I, ummm...WOW! I got this injection on Thursday in my foot, and was told it would take at least a few days to have any affect, and maybe as long as two weeks. We had a rather nasty storm last night, and that's ALWAYS guaranteed to increase my pain during and after such weather. I should be popping painkillers as often as allowed to seek relief from this evil, evil foot of mine.

But I'm NOT! In fact, I'm wondering where a majority of my pain is right now. I can walk without a limp, and am doing so at the moment because of two reasons. The first is an ancient break that acts up when the weather is bad. The thing is that the spot that hurts on my foot can't be avoided at all. It's too close to the heel. Its pain, however, is not nearly as bad as the other aches. The other reason is that I'm simply USED TO limping.

I have virtually no pain in the parts of my foot that usually make me miserable! Maybe a twinge here and there, but that's it!

Now I have to deal with the part of my brain that doesn't want to believe I've actually received relief. Am I dreaming this? Is my alarm going to go off any second and return me to my normal, painful existence?

No, I don't think so. I just walked through the living room, past Cody, who's playing a video game, and he didn't even realize that I was, in fact, WALKING! Not limping. WALKING! I felt the slightest complaint from within, so I don't think I'll engage in any running races too soon. But it would seem that the nerve block is working, and I almost want to cry with relief. A happy, joyful weeping session. =*)

On the other side, and more reason to continue taking my painkillers, is the fact that I had the sutures removed from my arm yesterday. A few people have stared in horror at the bruising that occurred after the surgery, but it never bothered me, so I made no calls about it. I was told yesterday that that's completely normal, and that the lack of severe bruising when I had my left arm fixed was the unusual part.

The stitches were mostly interior, with just a bit of silk sticking out near both ends of the incision. A small bit of it was also exposed at the middle of the incision, and I always thought that it was a single, independent stitch to prevent the dimpled scar that occurred on the left arm. Nope. It was all one piece of silk, and the center bit that was exposed was cut...then the nurse started pulling the now separated stitches out. Oh, that stung! But they're out now, and that, from what I was told, is the last I should need of the surgeon's office.

Meanwhile, the entire incision is stinging quite a bit today. Thankfully, my foot isn't taking up all of the efforts of my painkillers, so I'm actually getting some relief.

*sigh* I love it when doctor's get it right while "practicing" medicine. =D

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