Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'll Hear Your Voice

I'll hear your voice
In every thought that flows through my mind.
I'll see your face
In every cloud that floats through my sky.
And when the world is too much,
And the hurt's got me down on my knees to pray
I'll hear your voice,
And you won't be so far away. sung by Rockapella. (You can listen to it here.) I was sorely tempted to sing it while Becky and I awaited the bus for her return trip, but we both would have ended up in tears.

Goodbyes suck!

Still, one good thing came from her leaving. I can now move about my sardine can of a room without stepping on her toes or banging my head on anything. But that's the only good thing to come out of her leaving. I'm going to miss everything else.

An amusing side note: the driver who picked Becky up was the same who dropped us off a week ago. It's as though the man never sleeps.

Now I wait. To recap the next part of the plan, I'm to visit her again come December. My ability to visit will all depend on her getting her financial aid paperwork out this upcoming week and finding a place to live. If she doesn't find an apartment, I'll have nowhere to stay should I head to PA when scheduled. She needs to get an apartment near school so that I'll have a destination for my next bus ride.

Cody started ribbing me the moment we started pulling away from the bus station. "And now Rob stares longingly after the bus that is carrying away his fiancee." Gee...was I THAT obvious? I even joked that he should start following the bus, to which he said, "If that's the case, you better get out and start running."

I don't even run when chased.

Okay...I'm babbling. I'm over-tired. I stayed awake all night to be sure we were on time for the bus. It comes down to the fact that I miss my beloved, even though she's not yet gone an hour. Thankfully, I have a whole new stack of memories to replay in my head while we're apart. Thanks to such memories...I'll hear her voice, and she won't be so far away.

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