Friday, October 1, 2010

Married for a day

I want to scream, "NEVER AGAIN!" And I want to say this because of the bus ride from PA back to KS. But the reality is that I will probably hop the bus as often as my Becky requires me to travel.

Our trip began yesterday in the midst of a downpour with very little in the way of shelter. Greyhound's instructions were to be at the station an hour before the bus arrived. Alas, the "station" was a sign along the sidewalk and nothing else. We managed to find an ice cream shop that would allow us to wait for the bus AFTER we were soaked. So we sat, both of us enjoying a single MASSIVE scoop of ice cream, when we both got a wee bit paranoid. What if the bus arrived early and we weren't out there waiting? Better to stand out in the meager shelter than miss this all-important bus.

Well, the bus arrived pretty much on time, and we were off to the races, explaining to the first (and only) driver that Becky and I just got engaged. We did this while taking my precious priority seating, and the driver said that if Becky was going to have any chance of sitting next to me during the entire ride without trouble, I should introduce her as my wife.

"Your mother is going to be so disappointed," I believe I said. "After promising there would be no surprise wedding for us, we're going to have to be married for the next 24 hours."

This became a lot of fun for me, as I know one of the ways to get Becky's heart racing is to suggest we'd be together in a far more permanent arrangement. So to call her "Rebecca Meadows" or "Mrs. Meadows" was a surefire way to get her adrenaline pumping. I would do this every now and again for no other reason that to get her going. Sure, I did it in front of new drivers to set the illusion that we were wed, but after that it was simply torture. =P

The real "fun" came around 11:00 AM earlier today when the bus threw a rod. As in an engine rod. It even cracked the engine head. (Not sure if it had two or not.) The bus died in Boonville, population 10. And our particular location had very little around us. A quarter mile in one direction, there was a window manufacturer. A mile and a half in the other direction, there was a gas station with a convenience store.

It took two and a half hours for a replacement bus to come get us, but the end result was the schedule falling behind by four hours. During that time, a small group of passengers became...stupid. Having been told that drugs and alcohol were not permitted on the bus, one group wandered off to get stoned, while another made a trip to the convenience store to buy beer. Oh, they started out with the claim that they were making a food run, but it turned into a beer run once they got there.

And Becky, my lovely lady, became part of the latter group...kinda. She didn't buy or drink any beer, but she went with them to get food, since I wasn't up to walking that distance. They got about a half mile from the bus when they managed to hitch a ride in a pickup truck. Not knowing what else to do, Becky went along for the ride. They also managed to hitch a ride back. Becky attempted to be the voice of reason, warning the group that the beer would only get them in trouble. But did they listen? Nooooo.

Our bus driver, Jerry, was too nice. He wanted to leave the party people behind, but couldn't leave them at a spot where there was next to nothing. That didn't stop him, however, when one particular idiot started sipping from an open container right on the bus. Now it was time to kick someone off. Personally, I thought the guy being kicked off made a good point; if he was drinking, where was the beer can? But it was the WAY he made his point that kept him from getting back on. He shouted and cussed to the point where Jerry wanted nothing to do with him. He was left at a rest station.

We didn't reach my neck of the woods until 7:30 PM, at which point Becky and I were exhausted. Ray was running slightly behind schedule to pick us up. As we waited, I said to my beloved, "And so it is, in the blink of an eye, that we're divorced. You are no longer 'Mrs. Meadows."' Becky said she'd enjoyed it, but I suggested it might be bad luck if I were to continue to call her that. As it is, we occasionally slip and merely refer to one another as boyfriend or girlfriend. I'm her fiance, while she's my fiancee.

Some changes are really good. =)

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