Friday, October 15, 2010

Okay, I'm not dying.

Just a quick note to say that I'm somewhat better today. I still feel drained, but I think that's expected, what with having had my arm purposely sliced open a couple of days ago.

For me, the key thing marking my improvement is the lack of neck pain and stiffness. I was up early, when my alarm went off, and noticed right away that whatever had been going on in my neck had abated. There's no nausea. And the feeling feverish...? Well, it's minor, and may be more related to exhaustion than anything else.

Oh, but I should mention the absolute cuteness that was Nike this morning. You see, my alarm went off and I checked my neck out. While doing so, Nike swooped in to occupy the warm spot on the bed that I'd left behind. Silly cat...actually thought she'd be able to just stay there, without realizing I had every intention of going back to sleep if possible. Thus, I relocated her, and she ended up curled against my chest and left arm. This, apparently, wasn't comfortable enough for her. She repositioned herself so that she was against my chest and ON my left arm, with some of her fur tickling my face. (She was lying on my bicep.) And that's how I drifted back to sleep, with my "wife" curled against me.

As for the rest of what's going on, I'm rather astounded at how little pain I'm in from the surgery. With the bandage removed, the itch is greatly reduced, and I'm able to bend my arm without difficulty. It aches a wee bit on the interior, feeling as though someone punched my right bicep, where there's also a little bruising. Otherwise, I seem fully capable of moving my hand, which was not the issue when the left side was worked on.

And to the mysterious "Martienn," who commented on my last post. I would follow you, except...well, you haven't really said anything that speaks to me. Makeup and fashion are not things with which I'm concerned. (And speaking to me in Polish certainly won't help, as I speak only English.) I'll grant that you're cute, but I'm engaged. Finally, you seem a bit...young. So until your blog reflects some depth, I appreciate the compliment on my blog, but I don't think I'll be your 71st follower.

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