Friday, October 15, 2010

Or maybe I am...?

Just a quick note before I go on...I totally missed it, but my last post was #400. I should have done something to celebrate that fact, but I've been preoccupied.

Like the fact that my right foot is INCREDIBLY swollen. It's HUGE. I haven't done anything that I can denote as being troublesome, and yet my ankle is so large that it's stretching out the scar from a surgery from years ago.

Damnit, I may yet have to have myself taken to a hospital to have it checked out. Because something is going on in there that shouldn't be happening. I'm ready to blame Charcot's foot, but maybe it's something else.

Why? Why is it, when my life FINALLY seems to be going in a direction I want it to go, that crap like this happens? Does G-d feel that I don't have enough drama in my life?

How did I become aware of a problem? Well, I've been sitting here, fearful that a couple of days without a shower and doing all this sweating that I would become extra...fragrant. So I busted out the anti-bacterial wipes and got cleaned up, starting from my head and working my way down. When I took my sock off, I noticed my foot was unusually large. And I just don't get it. There are no wounds. I haven't been moving around much. The pain's been worse in that foot, but we're supposedly addressing that at the pain specialist next week.

So what's going on? Did a bone break in there due to Charcot's foot? Did a bone become dislocated from the same? Is this some mystery complication from the surgery?

Crap. I need to talk to Becky before I do anything, just so she knows what's going on. Then I'll elevate the foot and see if that helps. If it doesn't, it's hospital time. =*(

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