Friday, October 1, 2010

Photographic Evidence

Many of my friends at Giant in the Playground have come to make a most common battle cry: PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! Well, I'm finally home and can now post those pictures that prove I asked my sweet, beautiful Becky to be my wife sometime in the future.

We start with me looking remarkably unkempt. I don't know what it is with these photos, but I would swear in a court of law that I'm the missing link in the evolutionary scale. Note the protruding jaw, and the fact that it appears as though I'm trying to smile and frown at the same time. My shirt also appears to be going in two different directions at the same time.

Meanwhile, this picture was taken while I was explaining who I am, and what I was supposedly going to do. See that look on Becky's face? That's the "oh G-d, he's really going to make that goofy toast" look. You can almost see the fear in her eyes. Will she accidentally smack the back of my head too hard?

Oh, but there'd be no smacking Rob in the head that day! Instead, we find Becky looking down at the ring, utterly shocked, and wondering where on Earth I managed to find a ring that quickly. According to everything I've said up until the moment I went down on one knee, asking her to marry me before the holidays was an impossibility.

Becky has even confessed to having the thought, He can't have the ring. He hasn't given the money to Kat yet. She hasn't ordered the parts to make it. There is no ring. So...WHAT'S THIS RING DOING IN FRONT OF ME?!?

Becky still can't believe it. She's gone from looking at the ring that can't be there to me. I believe this picture is actually capturing the "me" in "Rebecca [Last Name], will you marry me?"

I reported that Becky said yes when I asked. She corrected me. The most she could muster was a shocked nod of agreement. Words were a bit beyond her in that moment.

Because she was shaking so much, her emotions already on overload from her best friend getting married and the toast she made just minutes before, I took Becky in my arms in a feeble attempt to calm her.

As they'd say on the net, "Sneaky Rob is sneaky." That didn't stop him from receiving a kiss from the woman he loves.

Meanwhile, I'm apparently trying to quash a smug grin from spreading across my face.

The final bit of photographic evidence I have is me slipping the ring on her finger. Being the pauper that I am, it's a tiny ring with wannabe gems. Thankfully, my baby doesn't care about such things. What she wants more than gold or diamonds is the man she loves.

And that, my friends, is all I have for the moment. But I somehow imagine that it's enough. =)


Trog said...

Congratulations! You both look very happy! =D

Nefidean said...

That last picture is my absolute favorite of all the pictures! :3 I'm so happy for you guys!

Midnight Son said...

Can't believe I didn't see this before. Gongrats again. May you always be as happy together as in those pics.