Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When a Noun goes bad...

...there is little else to do but submit to his will.

Adjective Noun, once a proud member of the hero community in Paragon City, has turned to the dark side. This is something I wanted to write about some time ago, but the rules of closed beta don't allow me to discuss what's happening in there. Now, however, I can reveal the details of the new Going Rogue expansion for City of Heroes.

The great thing about City of Heroes is that most of their updates are free. Often, their updates, called "issues," (just like a comic book), include excellent content. Such as Mission Architect, which allows players to write their own adventures and allows others to play and rate player-created content. There was also an update where players were permitted to change the colors, and sometimes the animation of power execution, of their abilities. And on EXTREMELY RARE occasion, they'd add a new zone to the game, and that meant new missions and badges to earn.

Oh, badges can be a lot of fun. Most people designate ONE character to be their "badge whore," and they use that toon to run around and accomplish/explore/defeat until they've earned all they can. Adjective-Noun is my badge hunter, and he currently holds 894 of 987 badges. Some of them...well, I'm resigned to the fact that I can't earn them. Like the First Year Anniversary badge. While I was around for it, Noun was not. Oh well.

Going Rogue introduced an alignment system to the game, allowing heroes to turn to villains and villains to become heroes. In between are steps toward your next alignment, as going completely bad doesn't happen overnight. To explain in details, a player runs out and does what he/she normally does until an opponent drops a "tip." Tips lead to alignment missions, and you can decide to go with what you already are, or start moving in a new direction. One can only do a maximum of five tip missions a day. Once 10 are completed, the player is given an alignment mission. Will they go that final step or back out? It's up to the player. And the progression from Hero to villain is as follows: Hero --> Vigilante --> Villain. The reverse is: Villain --> Rogue --> Hero. Thus, a die hard player can complete the full alignment change in four days.

There are other effects in-game, such as being permitted to enter certain zones or being denied access to others. A full-fledged villain cannot enter Paragon City, the official City of Heroes, for example, and a full hero can't access the Rogue Isles, which is the City of Villains. Villain Groups and Super Groups are also affected. While one isn't automatically kicked when they switch sides, there's no access to one's base and all of its yummy storage. You're on your own on that one, and each character can only carry so much.

So it was that I took my favorite hero and went all villainous with him. And any villain worth his salt would have an evil look, right? Personally, I like the "metallic skull" with the glowing eyes. It's a nice effect. >=)

Going villainous presented a slight problem for Becky and I. I mean, it was on this character that I met her, and we've been doing a lot together. But being all bad while her badge character, Little Neko, remained good meant we could only team up during certain events or in specific zones.

And let's face it. A couple takes a pretty big hit when you find out the one you love has been killing people and hiding the bodies, right? =P

It should also be noted that I'm the "unofficial" role-playing server. Others might have jumped into their character biographies to make alterations to explain WHY their heroes went villain. I did the same...kinda. It reads as follows:

Just as my mutant powers were developing, I was bitten by a radioactive toaster. The wound it created required that my pinky finger be replaced with a magical piece of technology that further enhanced my natural fighting prowess. Thus endowed with powers beyond those of mortal men, women, and hermaphrodites, I have made the generic vow to fight for truth, justice, and the American way, just as soon as I avenge the deaths of my parents, closest friends, and/or favorite pets.

This biography was brought to you by the letter A, and by the letter N, and by the number 1.

NOTE: Sometimes I become an *EVIL* Adjective-Noun. When my morals slip that way, I ocasionally cough and sneeze without covering my mouth, beat up Girl Scouts, and kick puppies for fun. My most diabolical act is to offer to help little old ladies across the street, and then abandon them in the middle of the crosswalk when the light starts flashing "don't walk."

Okay, okay. I'm working on the whole villain thing. Stop judging me!

And that's all that's on my mind at the moment. Right now, I'm playing on my computer while Becky plays on hers. It's a positively wonderful feeling to have the woman I love so close, as I can reach out and caress or kiss her whenever the mood takes me. Oh...but then I'm supposed to be evil, aren't I. Maybe I'll shave off one of her eyebrows while she's asleep.

Ummm...On second thought, I'll only do that if I should feel suicidal, since I'm pretty sure she'd kill me.

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