Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yet another pre-surgical post

I am both a nervous wreck and a wee bit upset at something I saw. And I'll start with the second one.

You see, I'm doing laundry because doing so after the surgery won't be easy at all. I decided to wash the socks I was wearing, seeing as how it's one of the new pairs of diabetic socks I recently bought, and made a distressing discovery. My right foot is swollen. The whole thing. There is nothing new in the way of injuries or the like. No new pains; just the same old ones getting worse. So I'm rather concerned as to what's going on there. I'm thinking that I should REALLY get my ass in gear about seeing that podiatrist.

Foolishly, I've been letting other things occupy my mind than what I SHOULD have occupying it. Being totally in love with Becky is all well and good, but our relationship should NOT stand in the way of certain things. Like her schooling and my medical care. If we let our relationship deter such things, it's our fault, and no one else's. And my feet have been grossly overlooked. If I have any intention of keeping them, I need to get my butt in gear. As I'm typing this, I paused to put a reminder in my calendar to make a podiatrist appointment next Monday. That should give me enough recovery time.

Now to the first issue, which is the surgery tomorrow morning. My pre-surgical jitters have become a regular event, so there's nothing really new there. Except that the work will be done on my right elbow, which is my primary arm. I can almost see (and feel) it now, as I unconsciously try to do numerous things that I would normally do. Scratch and itch, reach for a thing, or, best of all, trip and throw my arm out to stop myself from falling. That one's fairly current, and it's going to HURT if I try it after tomorrow morning.

Also on my mind is ensuring that my post-op pain management is taken care of properly. Like the fact that my doctor has the habit of writing for pain meds that I already have. Insurance won't cover the same medications. It's an overlap in their system. They also only allow for so many of such meds per month, and trying to squeeze more out of them just won't work. I'm going to need something that is NOT made with oxycodone. Maybe something with hydrocode instead, or perhaps dilaudid. Whatever it is, it simply CAN'T be the same stuff I'm already on.

Another thing I'd like, which also pertains to my post-op pain management, is one last shot before I'm discharged. After my leg surgery, I ended up back in the ER because of extremely amounts of pain. If I can avoid that this time, I'd greatly appreciate it. So on my way out the door, I'd like to receive another 4 mg of diloted in a couple of intramuscular injections to see I'm leaving and feeling some genuine relief.

I'm probably worrying for nothing. When I get home, my housemates, who've taken VERY good care of me over the last year, will probably remain vigilant of my needs.

Speaking of which, I think I should say something about the two lunatics I live with. Maybe even NICE things.

It wasn't their idea to take me in. It was more Siege's idea, to which these two merely nodded assent. Siege eventually moved off to CA, leaving me with these guys, and they have yet to slack off in their "duties." I mean, they make sure that if they can't get me to a doctor appointment that someone else can. I'm fed. They make sure that should I take a fall that I'm not seriously hurt. They even come running when I drop something, just to make sure it wasn't ME crashing into the floor. When I imagine a life in Stu's house, I envision no one coming should I cry out n pain. These guys, thankfully, are more human than that.

And they are quite the characters, too. Ray loves to talk, and if you allow him to do so, he will be off to the races with one imaginative idea or another. Sure, I have my occasional issues with him, but if I ever needed someone to talk, I also know he makes a good listener.

Cody is one of the most amusing misanthropes I've ever encountered. I tend to agree with him when he claims that humans are silly and stupid...I just don't pray for their prolonged, painful deaths as often. But really...How could I be mad at the guy who got me stuck on, "A one, and a two, and a ching chong potato"? =P

I'm off to finish my laundry, my friends. There may yet be another nerve-wracked post prior to surgery. And if I'm up to it at all, perhaps even a post-op post. (Although continued silence from me just means I can't do that "typing thing" for a bit.) For now, this is Rob, AKA Bor, signing off.

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