Sunday, October 31, 2010

You know what this blog needs?

FUN THINGS! Recent events have been entirely too dramatic, and it's time I shared some of the fun, wacky, and even somewhat disturbing things I've found on the web. A lot of it comes from YouTube. I'll try to mark anything Not Safe For Work (NSFW) when appropriate. And now, on with the fun things...

Let's start with an adorable kitten. Really, this is entirely too cute.

And now that same kitten...EXPLODING!

Just in time for Halloween, we have a bit of a light show.

Because you can never have enough kitties, here's one of a pair apparently playing patty-cake...or, as the video says, "Wing Chun Sticky Hands"...whatever that is.

Oh course, if you can combine Mortal Combat and a kitty, even better, right?

This one may be NSFW, if only for the subject matter. It seems a precocious little girl caught mommy and daddy trying to...create a sibling...for her. The situation was just too funny NOT to capture on video. And then what happens? The Gregory siblings got a hold of it and turned it into this.

Do you have an Xbox that has suffered the "red ring of death?" (I know at least one person who has.) Well, in this particular video, in which the language is DEFINITELY NSFW, some innovative marines have figured out how to..."fix"

Okay...If you haven't seen these, you've been living in a cave. First we have the original commercial. Then we have the kids' version. But someone, somewhere, noticed that the timing of these two videos was absolutely perfect. And so this happened.

And now for a musical interlude, in which the pun, itself, is probably NSFW. Introducing Paul and Storm, and "The Captain's Wife's Lament."

What's that? You like the musical interlude? Then here's another. This one's an oldie, but goodie, from "my good friend" Jonathan Coulton, who, without even knowing me, did me a great kindness some time ago.

There's something special about a game show, especially when the answer given by a contestant brings the host to his knees.

Okay, this one is just...wrong. Harry Partridge tends to make some rather...unusual...cartoons. While I was fooled by his Watchmen opening credits, I was amused and disturbed, all at once, by "Chuck's New Tux" and its surprise ending.

This one...Ummm...I honestly don't understand what it's supposed to be, but I was oddly fascinated by it. Thus, I am sucking you into this Bollywood video so that I don't suffer alone.

Finally, two videos of a cute and determined squirrel. As I started this post, it ends with the original. And ends EXPLODING!

Be well, all.

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evan said...

Why was the small Indian cowboy dancing at a mini-golf course?