Monday, November 29, 2010


Oh, I'm such a wit when comes to a play on words. Get it? It's a message about my foot, so it's a footnote...?

Right. I won't quit my day job...Or I wouldn't if I had one.

ANYWAY, I went to my pain doc today, and was so engrossed in getting another shot in my foot that I completely failed to ask about the MRI of my neck, or point of that I still need an MRI of my foot. Pain has a way of reorganizing one's priorities, and the last shot has been wearing off.

My visit started off with a bit of a wait. This was a first. I mean, I've had to wait a few minutes before, but my pain specialist is usually pretty good about his schedule. Alas, I was brought to an exam room after waiting a full hour to be taken back. Thankfully, I was smart enough to have a book along with me.

That, and there was a young man in the waiting room who needed some advice. He's a college student, and he has plenty of grants and scholarships to carry him through his schooling. What he DOESN'T have is insurance. This means that he has to shell out hundreds of dollars for the doctor visit, as well as his meds. I told him he should seek out the local welfare office and apply for medical coverage. Otherwise, the pain he's suffering in his back will suck his finances dry.

Some time later, I was brought back, and discovered that I'm STILL not losing weight. You'd think by eating so little that the pounds would be melting off me. Instead, I weighed in at 178 lbs. (Oh, how I miss weighing between 150 and 160!)

The nurse was fairly impressed with my vital signs. My blood pressure was 115 over 74, with a pulse rate of 79. Even more impressive is the fact that I'm a diabetic for 36 years, and such numbers aren't ridiculously higher. My bad habit of smoking should also be ruining those numbers, but it isn't. Go figure.

When the doc arrived, I told him that the last shot was like a miracle for me, but that I hadn't received much relief in the joint of my great toe. He poked around a bit, causing me some discomfort, and determined that spreading the medication around was probably called for. So he started with that painful joint...and I believe he hit bone! That did NOT feel good. The needle was in and out of my foot several times, but he was aiming for a decent spread of the medication this time. Now I wait for a few days, and will hopefully start feeling relief by Friday.

I learned that the non-steroidal injection I received last month did, indeed, have a steroid in it. I don't recall having diabetes issues because of it...although I did today. By the time Ray and I had returned to the town where we live, I was very much in the mood for some insulin. I said nothing when he decided on a detour that delayed us from getting home by 10 minutes. But when we got back to the trailer, I took plenty of insulin to cover both the steroid and the upcoming meal...

...which turned out to be Chinese food, courtesy of Cody. I ordered beef with broccoli, and without fail, they delivered broccoli with some beef. I could've sworn it was supposed to be the other way around. That bothersome note aside, y'know what I did when I was handed my food? I thanked Cody. =P

I'm off to relax a bit. I don't exactly feel it, but there's this "psycho-physical sensation" of that needle hitting bone, and it remains uncomfortable.

Be well, all.

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