Monday, November 22, 2010

Me and Dexter

When I heard that "Dexter is America's favorite serial killer," I said, "Bwuh-huh?!?" I had no idea who this Dexter person was, and I didn't care very much. Then I ran into a link that led to a recipe for Dexter Blood Slide Candy. I was officially baffled. Serial killers and candy don't usually mix.

I became curious enough after a time to go looking for this Dexter on Hulu. It came up, but the link provided brought me to the site for the cable network, Showtime. And there it was, a full episode just begging me to watch it. So I did. Alas, the episode they offered me came smack in the midst of all kinds of drama, and I felt I was seriously missing a great deal.

I also had the great desire to catch up.

"Dexter," in case you don't know, is the tale of Dexter Morgan, who is a forensic blood spatter analyst by day and a serial killer by night. His victims are always bad guys who seem to beat the justice system. When they walk away with the verdict of innocent, Dexter swoops in to deliver some justice. Once he has his murderous victims in his clutches, he forces them to confront their crimes, he creates a microscope slide with some of their blood, and then he goes about disposing the world of these villains. And as it would turn out, he's a very likable anti-hero.

So I was in Walmart when I saw several seasons of "Dexter" on display. For a mere $30, I could have season one. Not a bad deal, as far as I was concerned. There was also the dark humor of the box, showing Michael C. Hall, who plays the lead character, with his chin resting on a hand, looking thoughtful. I say "a hand" because that hand is pale and lifeless. Thus, he appears to be thinking while leaning his chin on a dismembered hand. I bought season one...

...not knowing what I was getting myself into.

The writing, directing, and acting all come together to create great drama and what can only be called an incredible amount of suspense. It tends to have so much of the latter that I have found myself REQUIRING a dose of Xanax to get through episodes. Yes, it's bad when I need to take anti-anxiety meds to survive a television show. At the same time, it says that the show is amazing, as it brings forth an emotional response. Heck, in my case, it's bringing an psycho-physical response!

That's some intense TV right there.

Now is probably not the best time to be getting wrapped up in such powerful show, what with me still adjusting to my meds and all that. But I MUST have more Dexter! MUST!!! And when I found out I could get season two for around $17...Well, I caved and got it. And I'm already getting myself into "trouble." You see, since I seem to have such a powerful reaction to this show, I try not to watch more than two episodes in a day. It's usually one at the most. But the second season opens with more drama and more twists, and I feel this urge to know more. I want to know what's going to happen to this amiable monster that is Dexter.

And I managed to have a moment that was a bit too much for me. In the first season, "the Ice Truck Killer" had taken another life. As he was performing his ritual to dispose of the body, he removed a ring from his victim. That ring looked almost EXACTLY like the ring I gave Becky when we became engaged. This is why I asked Becky to not bet killed and dismembered by a serial killer.

And so I am off...I need to chat with Becky for a bit, and they it's probably time for more Dexter. Because I apparently like the emotional roller coaster.

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"Blue" said...

The human must be the only creature in existence that given something that it's wired to see as unpleasant will go:

"... Man, that was AWESOME! More! Let's do it again!"