Friday, December 3, 2010


The last time I was with Becky, she said she caught me sleeping with my arms up in the air, as though I was about to dive into a pool. Apparently she woke in the middle of the night to find me like that, said something, and it put an end to whatever it was that I was doing in my sleep.

Well, I caught myself doing it again last night, not once, but twice. And in both instances, I was dreaming about flying. I remember nothing else about the dream, except that I was in the air, heading somewhere. Just to be a complete mush, I'll claim that I was flying to PA to be with Becky.

This little mystery wouldn't have been partially solved had it not been for the fact that I sleep on a rather large, stylish bunk bed. The upper level is covered with all sorts of things I never really unpacked. When my arms went up, they met hard resistance, and that first collision woke me only partially. I was aware of my arms being in the air, so I brought them down and apparently immediately returned to whatever dream I was having, for they went up again, hit the upper level, and I woke up just a bit more.

That's when my semi-conscious brain became aware that I wasn't alone in bed. I knew my "wife" had crawled into bed with me when I was drifting off to sleep when I'd initially laid down, and now I realized she was snuggling into me, as well as rolling onto her back, looking for love.

Hmmm...seems I've shown off my fiancee to you folks, but not my wife. Well, here she is...

That particular picture is of her having crawled into the bag I'd been traveling with when I last went to see Becky. If you remember, Becky returned to KS with me, and when the bag was empty, Nike crawled into it. She was too cute not to snap a pic of her.

And this is why I'm up before 7:00 AM. Between flying around and a little love-fest with my kitty, I ended up fully awake, and headed straight to the internet to report that one of my oddities had an answer. At least a partial answer. I'd really like to know where I was flying off to. Was it to see Becky? Was it to rescue Julie? Was it to see my ailing father?

So many people I want to fly off to to see, and all this gravity holding me to the ground. It kinda sucks.

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Zeb The Troll said...

Dollars to donuts you were actually flying off to rescue some part of Paragon City from some impending doom. 8-)

Or maybe it's just me that sometimes dreams that I'm one of my MMO characters.