Saturday, December 11, 2010

One down...

A week ago, I wrote "The Gripe." I was fairly annoyed at the cryptic messages people would leave as their status on Facebook. So much so that I carried it over to MY status bu telling people, "Just stop it!" I then let several people guss what the problem was. Amazingly, none of the people who were confused were the guilty. Seems others somehow understood the message...I guess.

Then again, they probably didn't. Because I was on Facebook and a couple of people had nonsense status messages. Here's what the two said.

Person #1: good run

That's it. No capitalization. No punctuation. And worst of all, no context. It means nothing.

Person #2: Ugh...really. Was that dream necessary?

That one's written from memory, and I'm not sure if I got it completely correct. Again, absolutely no context. It's meaningless without an explanation. So to both of these, I wrote, "Your post makes no sense." That's it. I stayed true to myself...

...and true to my word. Because person number two came along and said, "That's too bad." Well, I'd promised on FB that I would start cleaning house, and she's been regularly making nonsense posts for her status. Too bad for me? No, too bad for copping an attitude with a nice guy like me, because now she doesn't receive my counsel should she want it. If that's her response to being a "friend," I can do without her. I have enough going on without having to decode status messages. *PUNT!* She's gone.

The most upsetting thing about this person is that she's young, pretty, and SMART. That last is the most important. She should know how to make clear and concise statements. Instead, she flashed that anger she dislikes so much, or so she claims, at me, the guy who probably deserves it the least.

I then summed it up in my own status, finishing with, "As promised days ago, I cleaned up. She's gone. So...did anyone else not want me as a friend?"

To be honest, I'm waiting for it. I think Jimmy Kimmel is right; it's impossible to truly have THAT MANY friends. No one has hundreds of friends, let alone the 62 that were on my list. Now it's 61. (I was going to kick someone on Kimmel's "National Unfriend Day," but he actually kicked me first. How's that for irony.) I suspect that that number will diminish with time, and I suppose I'm okay with that.

It's just that "That's too bad" sure did sound a lot like "F&%$ off" when I read it.


"Blue" said...

I became a "master" of cryptic messages, but I did actually have some reason.

Do you remember *him*? I would often write that I was depressed, but if I so much as even hinted that it was *him* that caused it, I would get in SO much trouble. He would mercilessly attack me as soon as he read it, with offline messages if I wasn't there. I quickly learned to be VERY vague with my posts so that I could fulfill the need to express myself without incurring his wrath.

Then later *he* was no longer an issue. In came K. The guy with the anger management issues I told you about? K... well... he meant well. He wanted to help me. But EVERY time I so much as hinted that I was depressed/lonely, he'd go BALLISTIC. He'd tell me off for "not trusting" him and his "friends" and for "not doing anything" about my depression (actually, expressing myself IS one of the things I do to manage it...) and for things that had nothing to even DO with the post. Guess what I started to do again? I started being vague once more. This actually saved me from his wrath... for a while. Then he started giving me hell for being vague, which angered me. However... there was one thing about it. He'd be angry because I was vague, but he would not give me hell about the actual problem at hand, so it was easier to ignore and feel less bad about it. It just didn't feel as bad to be told off for something I was doing on purpose than to be told off about something that I really couldn't do much about (and was already making me feel terrible).

I guess the point I'm trying to make is... sometimes, I want to say something. But I don't want people picking me apart for it. Or asking (maybe it's something that'd make me uncomfortable if someone asks) about it. So I simply go cryptic on it. After all, I figure, if someone REALLY wants to know, they'll ask me personally, where the issue causing me to be cryptic in the first place won't be a problem.

WalkingTarget said...

I started using the facebook feature that allows you to prevent certain friends' posts from showing up in your feed page. Too much inanity? Bam! Now I only see it if I go to that person's wall, but at least I still have the option to do so.

I can't see how people with several hundred "friends" keep up with things unless they only actually follow a subset.

evan said...

I currently have 108 friends, and that's between high school, middle school, work, and the ridiculously large extended family. As it is, I reject way more people than I accept, and I almost never send out invitations. I try to keep my friends limited to those who are actually my friends, not people I go to class with. Even my older brother isn't on my friends list.