Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Attack of the Killer Kripple!

Ummm...Yeah, we'll go with that.

You see, I was lacking figures a while back when I complained about the lack of COLA from SSD this year. (That's "Cost Of Living Adjustment" for those who don't know.) The COLA is base on the CPI, Consumer Price Index. When it goes up, so do the monthly checks from the government. Last year, the CPI dropped by -0.4%. Thus, I can actually understand why we didn't receive a raise last year, and am actually glad there wasn't a decrease.

This year, however, we received the same notice about there being no increase to the CPI, when it is now confirmed that there was, in fact, a bump. Mind you, 1.6% isn't a big increase, but it's an increase all the same. I should be getting approximately $9.60 more each month, and that's adjusting for the decrease last year. (1.6 - 0.4 = 1.2% increase, which equates to about $9.60 a month for yours truly.) It doesn't seem like much, but that's around $115 for the year that I'm not receiving...


Rawr, and stuff.

Not knowing what else to do, I sat down and e-mailed the Social Security Administration. I tried to be civil, but it's hard to say "You blatantly lied to all SSI/SSD recipients" politely.

Oh, if only I hadn't been exposed to kryptonite so early in my career!

Seriously, it's not a shock that the government lied to the public. They do it all the time. If they aren't lying, they're holding back information. And if they aren't holding back information, they're deluding themselves. (There were no WMDs in Iran!) The problem is that Washington D.C. is a big town. Too big to keep a secret. Eventually, the truth leaks out, and we tend to get ticked off. And that's what's happened here, with little old me. I was lied to. Rather badly, at that. Now that the truth is know, I want to know what's being done to fix it.

As I wait for an answer, I'll try to enjoy the image of some poor government employee reading my e-mail and saying, "Oh, crap! They're onto us!"

Be well, all.

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