Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Have you paid any attention to the music covering the trailer for "The Social Network"? It's Creep, originally performed by Radiohead. Here...have a listen to the rerecording. There's something incredibly haunting about it when it's set to such clear, youthful voices. It drags me back several decades, back to high school, where I was the Creep in the song.

G-d, I carry so much baggage around! Why Becky wants to be with me is beyond my understanding. She should flee as fast as possible, finding someone younger and healthier. Instead, I've been told that my offers of escape have to stop...and they have. Doesn't stop me from thinking it, though.

So before I break down in tears, (as I have that song playing in the background on YouTube), I suppose I should give a bit of an update on the most recent trip to the pain specialist.

This month's shot included a new ingredient. Not only was it chock full of steroids and local anesthesia, but GLUCOSE! "Wait, Rob...The doctor gave a diabetic NOT experiencing low blood sugar a shot of glucose?" Yes...Yes, he did. Using his words as best I remember them, "It seems insanity to give a diabetic glucose, but it works with the collagen. Hopefully, this will make the shot last longer. The ultimate goal is for you to not need these shots."

Well, it all SOUNDS good, but is it good? I'll find out when this last shot takes effect. If it lasts longer, then I'll be an infinitely happier camper. Still, I wish there was something he could do for the arthritic joint of my big toe. He injected it over a month ago and it had no effect.

Ah, but perhaps we'll have some more answers when I FINALLY get that MRI of my foot. I reminded him of his desire to have one done, and I was handed a prescription to have one done. I would have called to schedule it, but then...

I'm seeing the orthopedic surgeon again tomorrow! (Yay?) I mentioned my left knee issues last post. Well, the doc may be asking for an MRI of that too. If I need to have such things done, I might as well get them done together. And so I wait.

Also...EWWWWW! I just remembered that my appointment with the surgeon is in the MORNING. Mornings and I only got along while I was at Becky's. Now that I'm back in Kansas, it would seem mornings and I have resumed our standing disagreement.

Meanwhile, I'm off to do other things. I may feel like a "creep" from time to time, but Becky makes me feel special, and that's the feeling I should ride along with.

Be well.

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