Friday, January 7, 2011

Giant steps

Well, I'm back in KS, and life is about to return to what I consider normal. Doctor appointments, drug quests...and packing. Becky's last day of classes before4 Spring Break will be on 4 March, and she'll be on her way to move me to PA the very next day. And let me just say, for the record, that I'm absolutely terrified.

Experience has taught me nothing good about relationships. If I had any truly wonderful tales to tell, I wouldn't have been single when I met Becky. So I'm still living in fear that things won't work out once I move. Oh, it's scary enough in its own, knowing that things could fall apart. But Cody kind of made it a touch scarier. You see, if things don't work out with me and Becky, I'll have nowhere to go. Why? Becfause once I move out, Cody and Ray will be looking to replace me, probably with someone who pays rent, and not a freeloading bastard like myself. (Not accurate, as I help with plenty of things around here. It's just that an official number for rent was never established.)

Terrifying as it is, I don't think my fears are justified. Becky and I just got a good taste of what life will be like together, and it was wonderful. There was plenty of affection without smothering, along with lots of love, conversation, and contentedness. The only things that seemed to be missing while I was visiting her in PA were my computer and my cat.

And so it is that I will begin packing, probably some time next week. You see, I'm tired of these cardboard boxes that are barely staying together with my possessions. It's time I bought proper storage containers and put my possessions away inside them in some semblance of order.

Of course, being able to pack will also rely on what the orthopedic surgeon says about my left knee.

Yes, once again, my time with Becky was disrupted by some medical difficulty. When we met for the first time, I blew out my right knee. The second time I saw her face-to-face, I developed the cold from Hades. This time, my left knee started popping with such power that it felt, and still feels, like bones are being forcefully relocated. We joked that it's her presence that's been causing me difficulties, and that moving in might cause me to explode. Jokes aside, I get the feeling my left knee need to be worked on for a third time. (Because two prior surgeries on that knee aren't enough, and everyone knows "the third time's a charm.")

Also, as seems usual, I'm dealing with an infected wound on my right leg. Stupid me, I picked at a piece of dead skin on my lower leg, and it became infected almost immediately. When I got home this evening, I was able to apply my prescription antibiotic cream on it, as well as pop an oral antibiotic. I'm hoping this thing heals up swiftly, because if I need surgery...well, the doc won't operate if I have a wound that's already infected.

Aside from that, the only other news to report is about Nike, who was VERY upset with me upon my return. I had DARED to go away for an extended period, and now I must pay the price. Like the wife I claim she is, she's been giving me "a talking to" since I entered my room. She's been demanding as much attention as she can, and complains when I dare to do something other than hold her in my lap and pet her.

Thus, I'm going to keep this short. Besides, it was yet another lengthy bus ride with little actual rest. Plenty of sleep, but no rest. Hopefully, I'll get some tonight...if Nike lets me sleep.

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