Thursday, January 13, 2011

Operation: Surgery!

It would seem that when I break things, I break them real good...or something like that.

I saw the surgeon today, and it would seem that Becky is getting her wish. She was hoping that my left knee issues would require surgery so we could just get them out of the way. Well, the doc wants to "scope my knee." Without any new pictures, he thinks there's a big tear in there. I would ask for a second opinion, or demand an MRI or some such, but the fact it seems my knee cap is rolling over another bone when I bend it at an acute angle is enough for me to sit back and simply nod my head. Becky spent two weeks listening to it happen over and over again, and winced a few times when she heard it. Well, my love...imagine what it FEELS like!

A couple of things stand out from this visit. First, the doc's initial reaction was, "It sounds like you have some arthritis issues." Ummm...Arthritis? This isn't arthritis. Arthritis is what I have in the joint of my right big toe, and it feels like I'm perpetually walking on broken glass. The current problem with my knee is like it's dislocating, but without cause. Then again, it may be similar to what happened in the right knee, where the arthritis ended up tearing my medial meniscus. I suppose we'll find out.

The other thing was a warning: if my hemoglobin A1c comes back at more than 7, there will be no surgery. Personally, I don't understand this, as he operated on me when I was at 8.1. In fact, despite being that high, I was told during the recovery of my last knee surgery that I was healing better than people who are NOT diabetics. (I even said as much here, in the fourth paragraph.) If the surgeon doesn't fix me due to a "slightly" elevated HbA1c, then I guess I'll have me some suffering to do until I can get even MORE control of my diabetes.

But that's just it. My diabetes has never been in perfect control. The 8.1 I had back in July is infinitely better than, say, the 15 I had as a teenager. (And that just proves how STUPID I once was!) Stress and infections only make the result of the test worse. Being in pain all of the time (knee, knee, knee) doesn't help either.

Thus, tomorrow or Monday, I'll be off to get blood work done. They require a fasting sugar from me, so I couldn't just get it out of the way today. Why, when I was right there at the hospital, should they make it easy to get it done today? Right?

And that's all I have at the moment. I didn't get much sleep last night, so I'm going to work on getting some rest.

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