Friday, January 28, 2011

A touching time-out

It's double-XP weekend on City of Heroes. That means there's lots of opportunity for players who have a dozen characters, like myself, to level up and gain more power. I was in the midst of working on my main healer-type character, when Cody came in to chat. He's understandably upset. It involves a paradox of the government handing out a large tax refund to someone...on unemployment?!? So Cody decided to stop in and talk for a bit, rather than let his destructive urges get the better of him.

This led to me taking a short break from CoX to wander around the web. And one of the places I tend to visit is They have numerous videos there, claiming they're the best of the week.

Now, I used to watch American Idol. I got into it some time around season four, I think. It was interesting stuff, and I was briefly caught up by what was called "reality TV." But then came the season when Chris Daughtry was voted off the show, and I was ultimately disappointed. You see, in my mind, the REALITY was that he had more talent than the other contestants combined, but was a supposed "loser" when it came to the show. (Years later, he's rolling in fame and fortune, while the winner was dropped from the recording label for being a no-talent hack.) So I was done with American Idol. I might watch the auditions, but that would be it. And after a while, even that wasn't worth it.

How does this relate to my visit to Because of this video. It's wonderful and heartbreaking, all at once. What's more, it connects so solidly with my life.

I'm a mess. I worry that the mess that I am will drive Becky away. This video that I watched makes me think she may very well be like Chris Medina, in that she won't leave me, ESPECIALLY when I need her most.

Y'know, occasionally I need someone or something to be heard or witness by me to make everything going on in my life click into place. I think this was one of those things. Becky and I won't fall apart because we came into this relationship with no surprises. And we don't just say that we love one another; we show it. Like the letter in my last post, which, I should tell you, caused Becky to shed a few more tears of joy. Aside from all the love I feel for her, I also love that my words can affect her so strongly.

So while I pray that Becky and I will have "love ever after," I'm going to add a little prayer for Chris and his fiancee Julianna. Even if he doesn't win American Idol, he's already won in the game of life. He knows what love truly is, and is doing right by the woman whom he's chosen to be at his side forever.

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