Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's hers is mine, apparently.

And I'm not talking about fun things, like games or toys. No, when it comes to Becky, it would seem her homework is mine...and I'm not even in school!

Allow me to introduce you to Emile Durkheim. He's an idiot. He seems to think that suicidal folk can be lumped rather neatly into groups via the study of sociology. Well, that may be all well and good for him, but us folks suffering from depression don't take kindly to be lumped together so neatly. We're individuals, and we should be treated INDIVIDUALLY.

One might wonder why I'm even talking about this yo-yo. Well, a bit of his writing was part of Becky's sociology homework. Reading and comprehending the material is not an issue for her. But ask her a question about said material, and she has a hard time structuring her answers. She has a marvelously dizzying way of trying to vocalize what she wants to write, and I end up sitting on my end, asking her to repeat what she's said multiple times because I don't know what the heck is going on.

It's one more reason to get my but to PA. Once I can read the material for myself, I won't have to sit here wondering what on Earth Becky is going on about. That, and when she sarts busting my chops about her homework, I can yell at her. "I'm not gonna do your homework for you, and it won't do itself! Now get to work, young lady, or there'll be no TV before bed time!" =P

In all honesty, Becky has been desperately trying to avoid having me do any of her work. If anything, I've been a sounding board for her to bounce ideas off of, which has led to some interesting conversations.

Of course, the writer in me has to speak up every now and again, regardless of what subject she's working on. For example, in the midst of one of her sociology answers, she started a sentence with a conjunction. When it comes to creative or personal writing, such as this blog, a sentence started with a conjunction is no great sin. But when working on things for college that have to be handed in? That's a different story. And so it is that Becky receives the occasional grammar lesson (reminder) from the man she loves.

The main thing I find bothersome about her having to do homework is that I have less time with her. Even when she tries to work on things while on Skype, silence reigns as I don't want to interrupt. If I were there, I could lean over, give her a kiss, and be on my way without ever having said a word. It would be like reminding her that I love her, but silently.

Thus, life goes on in its way. Soon, I pray, her doing homework will be easier for BOTH of us to handle.

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