Thursday, February 17, 2011

Because one is never enough

Problems, that is. One problem just isn't enough for me. No, I have to suffer through multiple issues at the same time. It's as though one comes along, and arrives with a few friends. They "party" on my existence, and then leave simultaneously. And the results...? My body gets trashed along the way.

I had the surgery. No big deal. I'm healing up so well from it, generally speaking, that I'm practically able to walk. But the incisions became infected, and so I ended up on antibiotics. I was given these meds when I saw the doctor the other day. (Technically a nurse practitioner, but you all know what I mean.) I was also given antibiotics for the mystery pain in my head.

And this pain...? This pain is BAD! So bad, in fact, that when it starts reaching its peak, I debate going to the ER despite the fact that I'm supposedly taking meds for it. It's so bad that my regular pain meds, and those prescribed for post-op, aren't enough to give me proper relief. And the very best part of it is that I have no idea what it is.

Okay, that's not 100% true. I have some ideas. But at the doc's office, it was decided that it wasn't a tooth. My teeth are bad, but there doesn't appear to be an immediate issue. My gums also don't appear to be infected, which is usually the source of pain SIMILAR to this. I say "similar" because it's never been this bad before. I also feel a specific spot inside my head where the pain might be originating, but the nerves in the face tend to be so hypersensitive and interconnected that it could be an ear infection making my sinuses feel like they're the problem. That's my guess, by the way. I'm feeling some pressure in my sinuses, so I'm thinking I might have sinusitis. Which would be really weird for me to have without a runny nose.

But...I hurt. I hurt a lot. Ask me from hour to hour, and I'll be sure the pain is coming from a new spot every time. It's coming from beneath my jaw...then my sinuses...then a tooth...then my ear...and then my gums...On and on I go, and they can't ALL be infected. Can they?

What's more, I dare not try to look up my symptoms online. Why? Because then it will be cancer. It'll always be cancer, regardless of the symptoms. Got a pain? It's cancer. A cough? Probably cancer. Racing heart. Yep, I'm afraid it's cancer. Not long ago, a Playgrounder asked about a pain he had in his heel. Since it was an open forum where there are no known doctors, I gave him sound advice, (go to an actual doctor), and then my UNprofessional diagnosis of cancer. It was heel cancer, of course. Then I went on to say his wavy hair was hair cancer. His wide smile...? Smile cancer. The shorts he tends to wear in every picture...? Shorts cancer.

It's always cancer, I tell ya!

Well, I spoke with Becky about this mystery pain this evening, and told her that if the pain remains bad by tomorrow, when I've been on the antibiotics for a couple of days, then I will head for the ER. Attempting to go on as I have is going to kill me, and no cancer will be involved. It's just that the pain is so bad that I've started taking my post-op painkillers, which I don't need for my knee, for this facial/head pain. I'm taking them as prescribed, but I'm sorely tempted, no pun intended, to just keep taking pills until the pain goes away. If I continue to do that, I'll end up shutting down my respiratory system, and that'll be the end of my happily ever after with my beloved Becky.

But once - just once! - I'd like to have ONE problem, and ONLY ONE, instead of two or more.

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