Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The more you know...

...the more you tend not to like someone...or something...or whatever.

Remember Nick, the nice guy I mentioned some posts back? Well, his relationship attempted to bloom again after it was supposedly over...and then it was officially over. His semi-psychotic ex made claims that she would calm down over his desire to occasionally hang out with friends, and he decided to test that. He didn't even have to wait a day. She was off to the races, losing her mind over the fact that all of his time isn't dedicated to her.

So he left her for good, and has been camping out in our living room since. It's been more than a week, and I'm slowly starting to get a different side to the drama. Y'see, during the fist break-up, Nick stated that he did, indeed, have "some" growing up to do. One would think it was somewhat akin to my housemates, who are perfectly happy to do nothing "adult," save pay the bills while ensuring their fed and clothed. They like their toys, just like other supposed grownups. That is, they like REAL toys! (If ever a Nerf war breaks out, Ray is armed to the teeth.) I'm just as guilty; Becky bought me LEGO for Christmas, and I was overjoyed.

But today I reached a breaking point with Nick. Part of it is the fact that the right side of my face hurts a great deal. I have no idea what's going on in there; I'd blame a tooth, except that it feels as though it's a different tooth every hour. I think my gums are infected.

So I head into the bathroom to brush my teeth...again...and look down on the floor. The other day, a single article of Nick's clothing was lying on the floor. By today, it had become a pile. Now I understand that he doesn't have his own official space here in the trailer yet. That'll happen when I'm gone. But the bathroom floor isn't a laundry hamper. What's more, I should even have to SAY that. Oh, the guys have occasionally left an article or two behind when they shower, but it eventually gets picked up. This was a PILE!

So what REALLY happened between Nick and his ex? Was it really 95% her and 5% him? Was it the other way around? Or was it a nice 50/50 split? From what I'm starting to see, I'm inclined to believe that last one.

I also find myself growing somewhat closer to Cody. I actually enjoy his dark, misanthropic humor. And he's a huge child when it comes to electronics. He'll be assembling a computer for Becky as soon as the parts arrive. To him, these are the toys he loves to play with, and he'll be a much happier camper tossing together a "Frankenputer."

As for Ray...Well, I get the sense that Ray will be relieved when I go. I'm "a responsibility," and that's not something Ray wants to handle. Some of his bad habits are getting worse, and it's starting to cause tension here.

Strictly involving me, and no one else, I'll give an example. As I mentioned, I just had surgery. (I'm actually getting along quite nicely, with the exception that the incisions are quite tender; they might be mildly infected.) Sunday night rolled around, and Cody comes into my room to let me know that everyone will be leaving the house for five to six hours. Now ehen it comes to notifications, Cody usually tells me things at the last minute, and by then I tend to know about things. But this time, it was very much like, "Surprise! We're leaving you alone for many hours, gimp! Good luck to you!" Where Ray would have told me hours before, I was finding out mere minutes before the fact. If it was a situation where Ray had received a call at the last minute, and was THEN telling me I'd be alone...Well, that's a different story. This was a planned event that was shared with me mere moments before Nick, Cody, and Ray were out the door. And telling me has usually been Ray's job.

I could go on about some of the other things I'm noticing, but what I've said is enough. Nick has more that "a little growing up to do." Ray seemingly doesn't want to be bothered. And I have a greater connection with Cody than every before. Go figure.

And keep in mind that much of this rant is being fueled by pain. If my head/face continues to hurt like this, I'm going to have to pay a visit to the ER. I'm trying to hold out until my doctor's visit tomorrow, but...G-d! It hurts SO MUCH!!!

I'm going to try and rest now. Becky will be available to chat with soon, and I should let her know that a possible hospital visit is looming. Be well, all. Or, at the very least, better than I.

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