Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That was...

...interesting. And somewhat annoying, too. You see, I had me a busy day, yesterday. And by the end of it, I not only wanted to collapse, but actually did.

The morning began with tests that should have been ordered weeks ago, but someone wasn't on the ball at the surgeon's office. I needed to get an EKG, an x-ray and had to be phlebotomized again. (Okay, that last isn't a real word, but it sure sounds real.) Mind you, every time I'm required to get an EKG and a chest x-ray, I get nervous. I'm always afraid they're going to find something that will be a byproduct of being a diabetic 36 years. And the blood draw...? Well, that was for something new. The surgeon's office is looking to see if I have a vitamin D deficiency. When I was told this, I commented, "Oh...you think I should be drinking more milk" The nurse immediately told me that I couldn't drink enough milk in a day if I'm as low as they think I am.

Great. I'll be able to add rickets to my list of illnesses.

Okay, it may not be actual rickets. But the doctor's office suspects something because of all the arthritic pain I've been experiencing. If it happens that my vitamin D levels are low, they'll get me on a prescription level dose of the stuff, which will hopefully help.

Okay...I get home from the hospital and tests, and had all of an hour and a half to rest up before having to head out to my pain specialist. This time, I didn't get that pesky shot in my foot. Why? Because the last shot still seems to be working! (If not for my knee issues, I'd be walking a bit better.) I received a refill for my meds, which have been helping with the new pains of late, and I'm due to follow up the day after Becky is due to arrive next month. That will be my final visit with him, and I'll be receiving a copy of my medical records from him at that time.

Okay...I went and got my refills, head home, log on to City of Heroes in preparation for the regular Monday night raids, and give Dad a buzz. Once the raids are done, I blogged about my chat with Dad...

...and I was instantly done. The day had been much more than a physical strain, but mostly an emotional one. Between worrisome tests and then chatting with Dad, my brain had had enough. If I didn't lie down, I would fall down.

I think it interesting that I'm actually aware of that particular situation. I mean, there are people who find themselves suddenly tired and feel the need to get rest, but few understand why they have that sudden need. I apparently know exactly what it is: mental stress is demanding my brain shut down so I don't have to deal with certain realities.

Not that my dreams are much better. I often have nightmares in which there are people whom I don't like from my past, and sometimes a great deal of violence, which I also don't like.

So I fell asleep...only to have Becky give me a call to tell me she'd be home late. I tried to tell her earlier I might end up sleeping later, but she either forgot, or didn't think I'd actually make it to bed. Well, I did. And the next time I awoke, it was much to late to call her back. (Although I should have gotten revenge! Wake her at 3:30 AM (her time) for having woke me at the unreasonable hour of 8:00 PM (my time)! So there! =P ) I ate, and went back to sleep.

I didn't wake again until after 8:00 AM. All told, taking out for the few times I was awake, I slept 12 hours. And the truly amazing part about that is that I slept without the help of Xanax. I usually need the meds to help me get decent rest. Not this time. I got me twelve hours of unmedicated rest. It's like a Christmas miracle without the Christmas!

Anywho, I need to get going. I have one day left to try and get some packing done, and then I won't be able to do much for at least a week. Fourth surgery since last May. I'm hoping it's the last for a while.

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Wraith of a man said...

Oh Rob, I haven't followed or spoken to you in quite a while, but I heard about you and Beckie, and it warmed my heart so damn much. Because honestly, you really deserve that happyness. Be Well.

Somebody who is sorry he lost contact with you.
http://smallmanbigtroubles.blogspot.com/ so you can read my troubles, if you want to. And no, I won't say who I am, I'm much too stupid and ashamed for that.