Thursday, March 10, 2011

And the cat was in charge!

It certainly feels that way. Nike seems to have been the main source of conversation and the focus of attention. I knew she wouldn't travel well, but this has been a bit taxing. We couldn't blast music for fear of hurting her sensitive ears. I couldn't stop petting her for long or we'd hear her mournful meow almost nonstop. While she eventually began to calm down, it wasn't until we were ready to stop...

...and then we got a motel room. This was an all new reason to start losing her little kitty mind. The mournful meow has returned, and she's been attempting to make this room her own. Sniffing at everything, rubbing against everything else. It's been fun.

There's not mush else to report. I mean, Becky and I have attempted to have a few serious conversations, but Nike would eventually require attention, and that would end all serious chats.

Tomorrow, we understand that we are driving into bad weather. We're hoping to make it to our final destination tomorrow evening, but if the weather is bad enough, we'll stop for another night so as to do silly things, like stay alive.

Be well, all and DFTBA!

Oh...and at some point, I MUST tell you folks about how I tried to get the last laugh with Cody and Ray. =D

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