Monday, March 7, 2011

...and now it's evening.

It's amazing what can happen in the span of a day. You wonder where they get ideas for movies that take place in a short time, like "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." It's days like today.

After finally schlepping our butts out of the house, we drive toward the city where all of our errands are to take place. We get the computer power supply tested, and it turns out that it's in working order. Since Cody simply doesn't have the tools and equipment to troubleshoot the problem, we'll have to wait until we're back in PA for some friends of Becky to take a look at it. Why not get the bigger power source? Because Best Buy was out of stock. They offered to special order it for us. It would be in some time next week. (Oh boy!) Yeah, that wasn't going to work for us. It'll have to wait.

But while we were at Best Buy, I stumbled upon various seasons of "The West Wing" that I'd been looking for. They were marked down from $49.99 to $17.99. I bought four of the missing five seasons. I would have gotten them all, but they didn't have season seven.

Several things then occurred in body and mind. I knew my pain doc would be running late, and we also knew we still had an hour before my appointment. Add to this the fact that both Becky and my blood sugar dropped, and we decided to eat. We went to McDonald's, where I would have ordered something different if I knew then what I know now.

You see, once I was at the doctor's office and finally called back, they weighed me. According to their scale, which I am stubborn about and declare that it's lying, said I was 190 lbs. That's another 10 lbs. I simply don't want or need. I blame the fact that I've had so many surgeries and have been mostly inactive for many months now.

Speaking of surgery, while I was in the waiting room, my surgeon's office called. Remember last week, when I was freaking out and worried about the extreme pain I was experiencing? Well, the doc FINALLY reviewed the nurse's notes from my call and has recommended physical therapy. Forget the fact that I'm in too much pain to exercise at all. I deemed it really and truly brilliant. I then reminded them that I am leaving in a maetter of days, and that ordering physical therapy was useless.

I discussed the problem with the pain doc, and he agreed with me. He gave me a prescription for pain meds other than what I usually take, thereby covering my discomfort for at least the move.

But he also addressed another issue. My right ankle has swollen up like a balloon. I don't know why. My guess would be that it's because I've had to rely on that foot to hold me up more often of late, what with the surgery on my left knee. Since the right foot is a mess, it has caused the swelling. The doc has recommended pressure socks to address the problem.

Oh, but I forgot something, and I might as well put it up, as well as the other event, under "driving adventures."

Driving along, I thought Becky was paying attention to everything that needed attention. When we passed a cop preparing to pull onto the road, I started cracking jokes about getting pulled over. Cop lines in BOLD, responses in ITALICS. Excuse me, sir, but do you realize you were going the wrong way down a one way street? But I was only going one way! Didn't you see the arrows? Arrows? I didn't even see the Indians. You were also weaving. Weaving? I can't even sew! Becky had never heard these old jokes, and was laughing up a storm...when the cop pulled in behind us and started flashing his lights. Yes, he was pulling us over. Why? Because amidst my being a goofball and Becky missing the flashing lights around the school zone sign, she wound up doing 33 in a 20 MPH zone.

We got lucky. I think it was the fact that Becky didn't live here in KS and the fact that I told the cop it was my fault for distracting her that he wrote her up for a warning, which had no bearing on her license. And, yes, Becky and I "argued" as to whose fault it was. We weren't pointing fingers at one another; we were pointing at ourselves. (We hope to have normal fights one day.)

Once we were out of the doc's office, we got my prescriptions filled, and then we popped instructions into her TomTom to get us back to the house. And what did the TomTom insist on doing? Having us drive through a military base, that's what! This wasn't the first time, either. It did that to Becky when she was on her way here. This time the guard at the booth told us to drive on through, as the GPS seemed accurate. For all the times of imagining committing video game amounts of violence while driving PAST this base, (as I have a game where you have to attack military bases), I was finally driving through it.

No, I don't think it was enough to start up a script about what the day was like, but it sure was adventurous for a pair of ordinary folk like us.

Be well, and DFTBA!

EDIT: I forgot to mention one very funny moment. Becky did something absurd, to which point I made a noise or a face. "Oh, you love me and you know it," she said. My response to this was to clap twice, which almost made her choke on her drink...

Think about it...

Is it clicking, yet?...

Think of a kids' song...

Okay, I'll tell you. "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands." The fact that she got it without a hint made me very happy. =)

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