Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The end is nigh!

Well, it's kinda nigh. Does that work? Except for a few items that are still being used, the car is packed. I have taken my final shower here in the trailer, and at 5:00 AM, my alarm will go off so I can take my meds...

...and THEN it's the end. The end of my stay with a pair of guys who've ultimately been very good to me. They've seen me through four surgeries, a few emergency room visits, and countless doctor appointments. They've also been gentle on my finances, as I'm on a fixed income. There are aspects that I will definitely miss, and others that I won't. Overall, I will miss not having these regular characters around, especially Ray and Cody.

So back tot he plan. As I wait for my meds to kick in, I'll take my computer apart, storing its various components into one of the numerous empty boxes lying around. That was a surprise. But as I packed this time around, and I came across this or that, I asked myself if I'd missed the item at all while I was here. Did it even cross my mind to look for...whatever? If I didn't miss it, it got tossed. That includes several old shirts I'd intended to use as dust rags, but never got used as such, as is evident by the frightening layers of dust in my room. As each item is properly packed up, Becky will get it into the car, as she is the infinitely more fit between the two of us right now.

I think the truly fun part will be the computer towers. There isn't enough room in the car to place them in boxes. Thus, we are going to use my bed sheets and blanket, tucking them around the towers to protect them as best as possible. Here's hoping neither her nor my computer will suffer during the journey.

As for Nike, we believe she'll be most comfortable out of the animal carrier on such a long drive. We just have to be sure she doesn't wander into the space around Becky's feet while she's driving.

Now, for your amusement, I will tell you why all nervousness flew out the window and was replaced with nothing but excitement. You see, Becky and I met through City of Heroes. Thanks to the wonders of technology, we've been able to play together here at the trailer. For many, many months, there's been a giant monster that has eluded our grasp. One earns a badge for defeating him, and Becky and I each have ONE character dedicated to collecting badges. (There are lunatics who insist on getting all badges on all characters.) Every time we hunted for this thing, it appeared to either be bugged, or we were doing something wrong.

Tonight, almost as an afterthought, Becky went looking for this monstrous critter. Lo and behold, she found him...and it killed her before I could get on the scene to help. Well, she got herself up and running and our search recommenced. By pure chance, I was the one to spot him next. And since we wouldn't be enough to take him down, the shout went out for help, and help arrived swiftly. It was awesome. The beastie was destroyed quickly, we earned our badges...

...and Becky and I decided that this was a good omen. It was pure chance that we found the signs that led to him, and then startlingly easy to gather people to take him down. He's a rare and difficult creature to get a hold of, and we did it so fast and easily that it just HAD to be a sign that our future was looking bright.

Okay, it didn't have to be a sign. We just decided that it was.

And so...I have taken meds in the hopes of getting to sleep soon. We'll be up early and on our way. To all those who looked after me while I was here, you have my eternal thanks. And while communication between us might fade a bit, you won't be forgotten.

I'll try to scribble something on the road from Becky's craptop...ummm...laptop. Until you all hear from me again, be well, and DFTBA!

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