Sunday, March 13, 2011

Has listening become a lost art?

Mind you, I am now considering "listening" as something one can do in person, or that which can be done on the internet via reading. Even when one's eyes temporarily replace ears, and a person can reread that which has been said to them, they still manage to turn up deaf!

I'm ranting this evening because of the time wasted today by the purchase of in internet router. Because Wal-Mart had nothing but wireless connections, and we wanted wired connections, we traveled a bit further to Best Buy for the desired router. I am the reason a router is needed, so it was to be my purchase. I told the salesperson exactly what I wanted, and he directed my technically declined self to what I thought were routers. Instead, the dolt had shown me "switches." Had I known this, I would have taken the box he handed me and beaten him severely about the head and shoulders. He would have deserved no less. I mean, he was a member of their vaunted "Geek Squad!" And he doesn't know what the difference between a router and a switch?

The result was Becky and I going insane as to why we couldn't get more than one computer to work with our new "router." What were we doing wrong? The answer: NOTHING! We were doing everything correctly, had we had the right product to start with.

This is just one example of people not listening. Another, far more common one that Becky and I encounter is on City of Heroes. "Hey, all! We're forming a Statesman task force. Must be level 45+! Send a private message to Neko with you character type and powers. Don't send it to me; I'm not forming the team and can't send invites." (Mind you, such messages usually use in-game language other players understand. But not all of my readers would know what "STF LFM! PST with AT and powers!" means.) I send out such a message, and what happens...? Things like this:

1: They ask me for an invite.
2: They ask me for an invite with none of the other information that was asked for.
3: They ask if it's okay if a level 30 tags along.
4: They tell us what kind of character, but not the powers.
5: They tell us to hold onto a spot and vanish for half a hour.
6: They say that not only would they like to join, but they have a friend with a much-valued power set who'd like to come along, only to have that friend prove they don't know what they're doing.
7: Although virtually impossible...all of the above.

It's truly amazing how utterly stupid some people are. And so, messages as the one I gave as an example become a kind of IQ test for those who wish to join out team. Those who send messages without what I asked for, or who send me messages at all, are rejected outright for being unable to comprehend simple instructions. G-d forbid there was a complex bit of teamwork we had to pull off. Would we really want such dimwits with us?

Oh...Speaking of dimwits, it turns out that Cody and Ray are a lot smarter than I thought. Y'see, during my stay there, I would occasionally be asked if I could spare one of my painkillers for one ailment or another. (Or something like that.) These events were extremely rare, but when they happened, those who'd asked would get to enjoy the more funky effects of said meds.

Now, upon my arrival in KS, I told Cody that I had PTSD. Every now and again, he would do something that would essentially have my heart trying to burst from my chest. On my way out, I thought it time to not only have the last laugh, but get some revenge. I took one of my bottles for oxycodone and put a few...other it. The hope was that they'd be found, people would say, "Hey, Rob left some of the good stuff behind! Let's get funky!" Then they'd take it and...well, they wouldn't get a buzz from them. Instead, the three men still back there would discover that two bathrooms weren't enough. Y'see, I replaced the painkillers with laxatives. >=) Understand that I only put five in the bottle. Not enough to harm anyone...just enough to make the need to go a genuine NEED!

Unfortunately, Ray found them and was smart enough to look them up. He found out what they were. Still willing to have some fun, he later tossed them at Cody, saying, "Look what Rob left behind!" Alas, Cody was also smart enough to look them up.

Okay, so I didn't get to have my revenge...but it did make for a good laugh. In keeping with my topic, the people whom I want to pay no attention to what's going on around them DO, and those whom I want to pay attention DON'T! It's bothersome.

I'm off to do other things, folks. Be well, and DFTBA!

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