Thursday, March 31, 2011

I was happier not knowing

In preparation of my move to PA, I asked two doctors' offices for something. From my PCP's office, I asked for a my symptom and treatment sheets. Surprisingly, they turned out to be all of two pages. From the orthopedic surgeon, I asked for the results of my presurgical tests. Here's where I ran into trouble.

Amidst the pages of the report were the abbreviations for the tests. In the columns that followed, there were my results and what was considered the normal range. Some of the numbers were in bold, and when I glanced at the normal ranges, I became curious. So I went online to look up the results on the "misinformation highway."

It was a known fact that my vitamin B levels were incredibly low. So low, in fact, that the surgeon took it upon himself to prescribe 50,000 units of vitamin B to be taken twice a week. Which vitamin B, exactly, I have no idea. But the doctor told me to take the pills, so I took them...and continue to do so every Sunday and Wednesday. I take all of my medications as prescribed. I am a good boy.

The reason I opened those envelopes is because my medical insurance is being processed here in PA, and I'm about to start looking for a doctor. I wanted to have those papers readily available for whomever I'd go to see. But now I was seeing the results and learning what they meant...

...and I was a lot happier not knowing what those results meant. The numbers aren't terrible. If they were, someone would have gotten on the phone and started screaming I get to a doctor...or to a hospital...or my cemetery site cleaned up. But they point to my vitamin B level issue, which I knew about, and a liver problem.

The liver. It's only SOMEWHAT important, right? Filters toxins, assists in digestion, and the breakdown of various hormones. Without the liver, only 100% of the people die, so it's really nothing to worry about.

I'm not officially freaking out. I'm just concerned. Had there been a greater issue, someone would have said something to me. But I'm concerned and I think it's something to discuss. On top of everything else I have going on, I certainly don't need a liver problem. And it could, of course, be a result of taxing my liver with all of the narcotics I take. The numbers simply reflect that stress, and all is actually well.

But I was a lot happier not knowing about it.

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