Monday, March 7, 2011

It's morning...

I'm up in the morning? What has this world come to? I'm not usually up until the crack of noon, and sometimes even later than that. Of course, that usually also means I've gone to sleep some time in the very late, (or is it very early?), AM. But Becky and I collapsed at the perfectly reasonable hour of 10:00 PM last night, and so we are up at an equally reasonable hour.

And we have lots to do today. First, there's the trip to a local store to attempt to sell off some DVDs I neither need nor want. Then we're off to a much larger town to visit a specific business to have the power supply for her computer tested. Whatever the result, we need to buy her another power supply so the computer that Cody built for her won't shut off at random. Either the power source is bad and needs to be replaced, or it's not strong enough...and needs to be replaced. We just need to know when we return the old one to New Egg.

Then it's off to the pain doc, where I'm hoping to get another shot in my foot. The last shot I received lasted about six weeks, and when it wore off, the pain wasn't as bad, but it was still there and unaffected by oral meds. That's a frightening kind of pain. I mean, when I take morphine for many of my aches and it does affect this one in my foot, one has to wonder exactly how bad the damage truly is to the bones. I would love to have said bones repaired or replaced, but I honestly don't think that'll be of much help, as the healing in a diabetic foot is always a variable that leans towards the "miserable" scale.

When we return home, we'll start getting some of my stuff out to the car. This has been one of the things that has made packing difficult. There's barely any room in my bedroom to do any proper packing. Too many things in the way. I fill up one storage container, try to move it aside, but discover there's too must stuff where I want to put it. So I move the stuff, get the container there, and now have to find somewhere to put the other stuff that still needs to be packed.

I remember when I was in AZ, and packing was made a bit easier by the fact that I had an entire apartment where I could spread my possessions out. I don't actually own that much, but when one tries to get all of this done in a room the approximate size of a sardine can, it becomes a tad difficult.

Packing will officially resume tomorrow. Becky will be doing most of the moving of boxes and the like, since my left knee is still healing. This is something I occasionally forget, and I manage to pay a painful price for doing so. On Saturday, I washed my sheets and blanket. When they were done, I went to get the fitted sheet on the bed properly. I made the mistake of kneeling, and that basically destroyed my ability to walk for several hours afterward.

The day we leave all depends on Cody getting the computer working and, of course, how much we accomplish in terms of packing. We're aiming for leaving bright and early on Wednesday. Despite the fact that Becky made the trip here in one day, we will NOT be doing the same when we return. Becky learned on of the reasons why she didn't make the trip in one day previously. She aches from sitting for so long. Then there's Nike, who will need some kind of break from the trip. Cats don't travel as well as dogs. The latter get excited when a trip is implied, and thrill to sticking their heads out of a window. The former puke, and would probably end up as an ugly red spot on the highway when they leap from the speeding car. (Cats have very little understanding of physics.)

Another factor has come into play, that being the weather. 'Nita has forwarded pictures to Becky that show PA covered in lots of snow. I refuse to rush, as that might cause US to become ugly red spots on the highway. We'll take our time, and if the trip ends up taking us three days instead of two, so be it.

And that's the plan. Most of my plans explode in some way, while some come off with few complications. Here's hoping this turns out to be one of the latter.

Be well, all, and DFTBA!

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