Saturday, March 12, 2011

The war at home

Well, I'm HOME! Truly home! I mean, technically any place where I'm with Becky is now my home, but we reached PA and have unloaded the car last night around 7:30 and 8:00 PM last night. Once the car was unloaded, we released the cats, Nike and Raine...

...AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! I haven't seen a pair of animals go at one another like that, ever! It was genuinely scary. Becky and I broke them up, but they continued to hiss and growl and just be ornery in general. And odd, somewhat amusing part...? It was Nike who dominated Raine last night, despite the latter having a clear weight advantage and being the one who usually dominates other cats when she's around them. I guess she's never quite met a fighter like my little Nike.

Things changed while we slept...or tried to sleep. Raine resumed her spot amongst the sleeping humans, as she normally does, while Nike slunk about the apartment, trying to get into things she shouldn't get into. Like the closet. And somewhere in here is a paper bag, or something that makes a similar noise, that she got her paws on. There was also a point where Becky's cell phone was knocked over. When it hit the hard wood floor, the loud thud woke me with a scream. That was lots of fun.

So today was spent unpacking the essentials. While my meds are divided into pill boxes most of the time, I needed access to the bottles. So I got those out, put my clothes away, and hooked up my computer. While I did this, Becky did some rearranging of the furniture and cleaning of the scattered clutter she's been accumulating while busy with school and work. Part of my "job" from now on will be to try and keep the place organized so that cleaning won't be a major endeavor.

On the war front, Raine has stay on the bed, essentially declaring it as hers, while Nike has seemingly surrendered completely. As I type, Nike has found a low spot on the pile of dirty launder and is sleeping soundly. The two of them, however, move about the apartment, when they move at all, with great caution, as "the enemy" could be hiding anywhere.

Tomorrow, we'll be doing some shopping. This place is big enough for two people, but Becky doesn't have everything that we BOTH need. Bathroom supplies, perishable food items, and various other odds and ends. And the part I look forward to most...? Finding out whether or not the cats are truly thirsty for one another's blood. (With our running luck, we'll come home to find Nike/Raine tied to a cutting board, while Raine/Nike paces back and forth, making taunting meows while toying with a knife.) They might be declawed, but their rear claws remain intact. They could end up hurting each other rather badly, and I'm hoping they simply come to a stalemate. The occasional growl or hiss, I can deal with. But this war needs to end.

I'm off to gather up some information I'll be needing come Monday. Be well, and DFTBA!

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