Monday, April 25, 2011

An extremely isolated fever

Don't ask me the exact numbers. I don't remember them. All I know is that there is a two degree difference between my right foot and my left foot. Thus, my right foot seems to be running a fever...and just my right foot. The only thing I can truly recall is that there was a two degree difference between my feet, measured in Celsius. And that's not good.

Obviously, I saw the new podiatrist today. He seems like a nice enough guy. He actually went right at my toenails, clipping them, while also denoting an ulcer on the second toe of my left foot. No drainage, so it should be okay.

But the right foot...Well, he wants to refer me to what I guess would be considered a "specialist's specialist." This other doctor focuses on the bones of the ankle, and it's pretty obvious that that's where my problem is. In fact, when the doc stepped into the room, he asked what he could do for me. I gestured to my right foot and said, "Welcome to the wonderful world of Charcot-Marie-Tooth's foot." When he saw my ankle, his first response was, "Wow." I don't think that was a good response.

So we talked about what to do. He wrote orders for a set of x-rays, as well as some blood work. He wrote a prescription for antibiotics, just in case. And then he put his staff to work on getting me in to see the other specialist. I was stunned when I learned that the soonest they could see me was 22 June. That's too long to sit around and deal with this pain, and I will head for an ER if it remains as bad as it is. That said, I'll try to hold out until I see either my PCP or have the followup with the podiatrist.

I expressed my fear of being sent directly to a hospital. He said that that wasn't out of the realm of possibility, but to get x-rays and blood taken care of first. If something shows up, they'll call.

And so I'm back to playing the waiting game. And while I wait, I get to imagine all kinds of terrible things occurring inside my foot. It would be nice if I could control my morbid imagination, but if you saw this ankle...Well, it's a frightening sight, and imagining the worst comes easily.

Be well, all. Weller than me, anyway. And DFTBA.

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