Friday, April 29, 2011

The Foot that Ate Pennsylvania!

Pics or it didn't happen, right? As I said yesterday, I wanted to post the x-rays, but then no one would really know what they were looking at, anyway. Unless one of you is secretly a radiologist and has been holding out on me.

Anyway, last night was a bit rough on Becky. She had a paper due today, and was making herself crazy trying to get it done. Her eyes were bleeding from staring at a computer screen for so long, and gray matter was oozing from her ears, having fried it while trying to think her way through a subject that means next to nothing for her. (A recent conversation with an employed nurse reveals that requiring a future nurse to take sociology was just the school's way of making money.) Since my beloved has been taking me to doctor's and a few tests, I felt it unfair that she should be made crazy due to a lack of time to do her work. Thus, I suggested she take a few pictures of my foot with her phone and that I also write a note to her professor, asking for an extension until Monday. While she refused to take a letter to him, she was willing to take pics and e-mail them to me.

Thus, I have photographic evidence of what's going on.

That said, my opinion is that my foot is looking uglier than ever. Some may be upset at seeing the size and shape of my foot. If that's the case, I'll give a little filler so you won't have to see the pics immediately. Just skip this post in the future, or perhaps come back when you have nothing in your stomach to bring up.

As to the filler. The most I can think of, besides just throwing in the lyrics to a song, is to correct something I said yesterday. I was under the goofy impression I had a doctor's appointment on Monday, and that's incorrect. What WAS scheduled was a thrilling gastric emptying time test. This promised to be lots of fun, especially when I was given the list of restrictions prior to the test. Just like surgery, there was to be no food after midnight. For two days prior to the test, I wouldn't be permitted to take any Xanax. There was also to be no pain meds the morning of the test, as they would slow my metabolism down enough to affect the results. Then, upon arrival at the hospital, they would feed me a nuclear breakfast. I'm not kidding. It would be a meal sprinkled with radioactive matter that could be followed with radiography.

Well, the situation with my foot simply made most of those restrictions impossible with which to comply. The stress of dealing with my foot has me taking Xanax nightly, and if I become particularly upset with it during the day, I will take a 1/4 dose to calm down. And the idea of going without painkillers...? I might have tried to swing that prior to this flare-up of Charcot's foot, but I wouldn't dare try it now. With this being a four-hour test, I would have sat around in tears the whole time, begging for SOMEONE to run and get me a shot of SOMETHING! No, I couldn't possibly do what they were asking of me.

So it is was that I called yesterday and canceled the test. The technician who answered tried to put me at ease, but I told her it was no good. I wasn't supposed to take painkillers the morning of the test, and the condition of my foot made that impossible at this time. I told her to cancel my spot, and that I would be in touch when I was in better shape for the test...eventually.

As for the ACTUAL date of my PCP visit, that's set for Friday.

Okay...Almost enough filler. Just a little more, so that sensitive eyes and stomachs can look elsewhere.






Okay, folks. Here we go...

This would be the side I'm most accustomed to seeing. Note that there's virtually no sign of the ankle bone. The edema is so great that almost all details are lost. There's a scar along my ankle, and when the swelling is at its greatest, it feels like my foot wants to split open along it. Also, and this could just be my imagination, but there almost appears to be a lump along the arch. I've had a great deal of pain radiating from that spot. Years ago, that was the site of a broken bone. It usually aches in bad weather, but these days it feels as though someone is stabbing me there. =*(

This is the side I don't look at often. Why should I? I know the ankle's in bad shape. Seeing more of it won't change that fact. Seeing it now, I keeping thinking, Leg...leg...leg...ANKLE, ANKLE, ANKLE, ANKLE...Oh,'s the sole of the foot looking dry, but normal. How'd I pull that off? My understanding is that the bones in my ankle could actually be slightly dislocated or suffering micro-fractures. Looks fun, doesn't it?

Oh, but I know what you're thinking. Come on, Rob. It doesn't look THAT bad. You said it looked like someone had inserted a softball into your foot. That's nowhere near the size of said ball. Well, you have to understand that my foot had been elevated for some time before that picture, and I'd been making every effort to stay off it for an hour or two before it was taken. But to make it clear as to how bad it is, we have...

The comparison picture. My feet aren't pretty to begin with, but you can at least make out some of the details of my left foot. (The dark coloring that seems to dominate the front portion of my left foot is a shadow, and nothing more. That shadow, however, meets with a scar at the top of my foot. That said, I do not have any severe issues with my left foot at this time.) Becky did her best to get them at the same angle, but the extreme swelling makes judging such a thing difficult.

And that's all for today. More than enough, really. I need to get some rest. Be well, all, and DFTBA.

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Zeb The Troll said...

Totally unrelated to your foot troubles, I have information possibly related to why Becky has to take Sociology courses. Contrary to popular belief, it's (probably) not just so that the school can make money. She's in a degree granting program, if I'm not mistaken. This means she needs to go to an accredited school. Accrediting bodies for schools have a list of requirements that must be met before the school (and the specific program, actually) can be accredited. Many of these requirements are federally mandated and among those is coursework that will make for a well rounded graduate. This coursework must include arts, sciences, and humanities. Well, in a nursing program, the sciences are obviously well represented, so they have to figure out where to fit in arts and humanities.

Most students elect to take something like Sociology for their humanities because it's generally accepted to be the easiest of the humanities to study. It's such a broad subject that it's nigh impossible to get in depth on anything. Psychology is another common option, but may not have been available for the program she's taking. If she didn't have any other choices, it's likely to have been a cost saving measure more than a money making measure (though I concede the difference is subtle, there is a difference).

In any case, the fact of the matter is that she'd have to take some sort of humanities course no matter what program she'd enrolled in. Arguably, this is to make her and her classmates higher functioning adults in the workplace, not necessarily because what they're learning is directly applicable to the job they're doing.