Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Little Fuzzy on the issues

I'm excited. I'm excited for two reasons.

The first is that I did a good thing and made Becky a happy camper. Y'see, she's been working real hard by...ummm...working real hard at an icky job, and going to school, and doing homework. So I was online, looking for something else, when I was informed that shipping would be free for stuff that I wanted if I bought over $25 worth of stuff. I had $23 worth of stuff, so I asked Becky if she'd like anything. She requested an old game that she missed playing, so I bought it for her. Well, it arrived yesterday in the mail, and Becky has been like a kid on Christmas, playing with her new old game for many, many hours.

The other reason I'm excited is...Well, I have this book. It's a novel I've enjoyed reading since the 80s. It actually contains TWO novels, (darn you, blogspot for not letting me underline things anymore!), "Little Fuzzy" and "Fuzzy Sapiens," written in 1962 and 1964 respectively. Together, they make the novel "The Fuzzy Papers."

It's most amusing to see what H. Beam Piper, the author, thought of in terms of the future. Two examples that come to mind are how they record data...on tape. They then share information my either shipping the tape great distances or transmitting them locally at an increased speed. This, then, was his idea of the height of technology. That, and almost EVERYONE smokes. Pipes, cigars, cigarettes...Almost every character is lighting up in a chapter at one point of another, reflecting the fact that smoking was not only thoroughly acceptable back in the 1960s, but practically encouraged.

I find the book fascinating because it's grand, science fiction premise is, "What makes any race of beings sentient?" The story establishes that the law states, "If a race of beings can talk and build fires, then they're sentient." Whether or not there are indigenous sentient beings on a planet will change that planet's classification, so this becomes a sticking point for the plot. There's very little in the way of action, with most of it being intellectual or somewhat suspenseful.

Every now and again, when I can't think of anything better to do with my time, I'll reread my "Fuzzy Papers." Alas, my copy has been falling apart...rather badly, I might add. So I hopped onto the internet in search of this book that is...well, it's out of print. Gone the way of the dodo, it has. Finding it was going to be impossible, right? Oh, come on. Who am I kidding? If it exited at almost any time, odds are you can find it on the web, as long as it's not an artifact.

But in my search for "The Fuzzy Papers," I discovered that a book is due out come this May. "Fuzzy Nation," by John Scalzi. It's not a sequel, as others have taken to writing when it comes to Fuzzies.'s a REBOOT! First time it's been done with a book, as far as anyone knows. He's taken the original story and characters and is bringing them back in a whole new way, and I'm juiced. What's more, although it wasn't required, he received the blessing of the Piper Estate to publish the work.

This is how I ended up with that $23 order. I picked up a copy of "The Fuzzy Papers," as well as pre-ordered "Fuzzy Nation." The first book arrived the same day as Becky's game, which means my mind has been filled with Fuzzy visions. And come May, it'll happen again with an entirely new Fuzzy novel!

It feels kinda good to make a blog post that isn't fretting over one thing or another. =) Be well, all, and DFTBA!

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Zeb The Troll said...

Rob, I don't know why they took the button away, but you can still underline in your posts. Just surround the word or phrase you want to underline with the appropriate html tags ({u}like so{/u} but replace the curly braces {} with angle brackets <>).