Sunday, May 15, 2011

If marriage is an institution...

...does that mean I'll be institutionalized once the deed is done? Seems accurate enough...linguistically, that is.

Late last night, while attempting to power down and sleep, Becky was thumbing her way through one of those wedding magazines, and she started talking about her plans for the wedding. This is how she wants to handle the money for the wedding, and she wants to invite the following people, and wouldn't this be a great place to have the ceremony AND the reception? It makes me wonder what happened to grabbing a couple of strangers off the street and dragging them before a J.O.P. and walking away as husband and wife. Screw the registry; send cash and we'll buy what we want.

Actually, I didn't think any such thing as she talked. If anything, I found myself fighting off my sleep meds to discuss one thing of another. It seems like we covered a lot of ground in our relatively short conversation. Here's what we have so far...

1: We start saving for the wedding ASAP. Now that I'm settled in, it's time to do some focusing on the future. Becky claims that she wants to tuck away about $25 per weekly paycheck toward the wedding. Fine by me. Whatever she puts away each month, I'll match at the start of the next month when I get my disability check. If all goes well, and we have no need to pid into that money for emergencies, we should have around $8,000 saved up.

2: The clothes we wear that day will be worn once, and only once. There's no need to go insane by buying anything expensive. And odds are good that my tux will be a rental.

3: Including the bride and groom, there will be 52 people at the wedding. That's it. Neither of us wants to invite distant relatives whom we couldn't recognize in a lineup. (More on this later.)

4: We're still juggling the ideas for a date, but we think we have it narrowed down to late September of 2013. (I believe 2013 was the goal. Or was it 2014? *sigh* My memory is like a steel trap. A very OLD, very RUSTY steel trap.) We would have liked it sooner, but there are certain things that come to mind that prevent us from doing so. For example, trying to get married around our current anniversary would conflict with her graduating from nursing school. We could try for a summer wedding, but then having it outdoors, as she'd like, while wearing heaving clothing isn't my idea of a good time.

5: Despite the fact that we're already working on guest lists, we know many whom we want to invite won't be able to make it. Siege, Ray, Cody, and my Dad for examples.

6: Sending invitations to people whom we'd like to snub with the event, and filing out their RSVP cards with the words "will NOT be attending," would probably be best left as a vindictive idea, and not actually practiced. >=P

7: Everyone else in the wedding party will be chosen by how ugly they are. We want to be the best looking couple there.

Okay, that last wasn't discussed at all. I'll talk to Becky about it in the near future.

While making our guest lists, both of us commented on how it would be great if we could invite the entire Playground to attend. There's just one little problem with that. If all who like me, even vaguely, were to show up, I believe we'd end up feeding around 50 to 200 people. I suppose we could pull it off if all we had to eat was toast, but then said toast would probably be cold and soggy by the time it was served.

Instead, because Becky has the idea of having the wedding out near her grandfather's farm, we would rope off the area where the "official" wedding was taking place, and the rest of the land could be taken up by Playgrounders in tents. It'll be all formal inside the roped area, while outside would be the biggest game of Kubb EVER! Then the ropes will come down, and all the single ladies can gather up for the throwing of the bouquet, while the single men gather for the throwing of that which will probably be my prosthetic foot by then. (I'll need it back before the honeymoon, gang. No "keepsies.")

The planning has just begun, and I thought it would be interesting to make notes in this blog about said plans. I mean, we've gone from wanting to elope to having a small wedding. For all I know, we'll have lists a mile long in terms of guests by next year, with our cats as the only other members of the wedding party. I dunno. But it'll be interesting to track, eh?

And so, having written all of this, my foot has decided to start aching rather fiercely. It's time for this barbarian monk to get back into bed. Be well, all, and DFTBA.

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