Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yes sir, that's my baby...

...no sir, I don't mean maybe.
Yes sir, that's my baby now.

Since I moved in, things haven't been easy on Becky. She works a paying job an average of 80 hours a month, with that being broken down to 15 hours one week and 25 the next. There's also the 29/11 split between weeks. Those are fun. On top of that, there was school. Even when she didn't wait for the last minute to handle assignments, it seemed to be a mad rush to get things done. And that's because the subject materials have been about as interesting to her as a cinder block.

Then there was me. We're in love, life is wonderful, etc. Except that my right foot decided to blow up...in size, if not an actual concussive blast. So now my beloved has had to handle this two-person household almost on her own, while roots slowly grow from my back, into the bed. The most amount of time I spend on my feet is when I take a shower, and I try to not let that time pass 10 minutes.

Despite all of this, Becky managed a 3.5 in her pre-nursing courses. We learned this several days ago, as Becky was able to find that information online at the college web site. I was proud of her. Heck, I've BEEN proud of her, and have said as much. I'm constantly pouring on the love, appreciation, and compliments.

But then that's my job, isn't it? A man should have good things to say about and to his future wife. And because it's expected, it detracts something from the sentiment.

So today was an average day. Becky and I got a late start on the day, bummed around until it was time for her to work, and I asked that she check the mail before she leaves. I'm waiting on paperwork from a new doctor I'll be seeing to discuss the possibility of a morphine pump. About a half an hour before she had to leave, she shut down World of Warcraft, got dressed, and checked the mail. Sure enough, there was the paperwork I was waiting on.

But there was also a piece of mail for her from the college. Curious as to what it was, she opened it immediately. She started reading, looked up, and said in an excited tone, "I made the dean's list!" She then went on to read the letter aloud to me, and commented, "I wasn't even trying to get on it. I mean, I didn't think a 3.5 would do it, but..."

I was so excited for her that I had to find someone to crow to immediately. And as I have her mother's phone number in my cell, I called 'Nita. It's great spreading good news, and 'Nita's excited response was one for the books. "I knew she could do it!" Well, I think it was more like she HOPED Becky could do it, but was somewhat unsure. Now we had the official notification that said she'd done it alright.

Now, this was a form letter. I'm sure there were quite a few students who'd made the grade and received a letter just like the one Becky did. The thing is that it was from an official source, and one that was impartial to how Becky was actually feeling. I make my compliments to keep my beloved's feelings buoyed. The computer that sent that letter was meeting program parameters that basically said, "Anyone who does so well in their schooling gets this letter proclaiming how wonderful they are." And because it was from such an impartial judge, it became high compliment indeed!

That Becky received a three-day suspension from work today for a accumulated minor errors at her cash register meant very little by the time she got that bit of "love." All that mattered was that she'd achieved a major accomplishment.

So...Once again, since I know Becky will be reading this...

See?!? You don't always believe me when I say how wonderful you are. You're always telling me that you're stupid. Well, now you have it from an official source. You're smart, and that's just one aspect that makes you an amazing woman. =)

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WalkingTarget said...

Woo! Congrats to Becky. Getting some kind of recognition for doing well in your classes is always a nice feeling. Heck, I just today got back a final paper for one of my classes that I was worried about and the short praise my professor wrote on it about made my day.