Friday, June 10, 2011

The brief update of DOOM!

Let's face it...I've had plenty to worry about lately. That x-ray report was scary enough, and the doctor rushing to get me an MRI certainly didn't make me feel relaxed. There was a part of me that wanted yesterday's date with Becky because I thought we might be split apart briefly as I spent time in a hospital.

Thus, made it my business to call the podiatrist today. In fact, I just hung up with his office, and after briefly reporting to Becky, I came here to let those who read this thing know: there's nothing new on the MRI that wasn't already seen on the x-ray. This is important, because the contrast that was used would light up any infection. It wasn't actually said to me, but my assumption is that there were no "lights of doom." In other words, no osteomyelitis.

I'll still follow up with the podiatrist so I can hear the full report. I know things aren't good in my foot, as it still hurts and there's enough swelling there for TWO feet. But the lack of bone infection gives me a sense of relief, as this somewhat lowers the risk of having them cut into my foot...or cutting my foot off.

My thanks to all who've demonstrated concern over this, and know that I am breathing a huge sigh of relief this morning. And, as usual, my eternal thanks to my beloved, who's made it her business to let me know that she loves me regardless of the doom and gloom I'm facing.

Be well, all, and DFTBA.

PS: Sorry if I scared anyone with the "of DOOM" part of the post title, but it feels like everything in my life is "of DOOM" lately.

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"Blue" said...

Thank goodness there's no infection.

I wish I could more show the cncern I feel, but I've been so drained lately...